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HOU Hsiao-Hsien

Taiwan's premium filmmaker, Hou Hsiao-Hsien established himself as a leading figure of Taiwan New Wave in the early 1980's and subsequently become a major figure in world cinema. Hou was born in China in 1947 and moved to southern Taiwan soon thereafter. Hou studied filmmaking at the National Taiwan Academy of Arts and graduated in '72. He started his filmmaking career as an assistant director for veteran directors like Li Hsing and Lai Cheng-Ying and subsequently formed a partnership with his cinematographer Chen Kun-Hou and turned to directing.
He shot his first feature, "Cute Girls" in 1980. He was nominated for Taiwan's prestigious Golden Horse Awards with his third film, "The Green, Green, Grass of Home" (81). Hou's international acclaim came when two of his films, "The Boys From Fengkuei" (83) and "A Summer at Grandpa's" (84), won the best prize at the Festival des 3 Continents, Nantes, France. His autobiographical film, "A Time to Live, A Time to Die" (85), won the International Critics' Award at Berlin Film Festival and was picked "the best film outside of Europe and America" at the Rotterdam Film Festival. He gradually built his reputation as one of the most innovative filmmakers of the world with his critically acclaimed films, "Dust in the Wind" (86) and "Daughter of the Nile" (87). In 1989, his "A City of Sadness" won the coveted Golden Lion at Venice Film Festival. In 1993, his masterpiece "The Puppetmaster" won jury prize in Cannes. His subsequent films "Good Men, Good Women" (95), the energetic "Goodbye South, Goodbye" (96), "Flowers of Shanghai" (98), "Millennium Mambo" (01), "Café Lumière" (04), "Three Times" (05) and his latest feature "Flight of the Red Balloon" (07) were highly acclaimed upon their premieres in the Venice Film Festival and Cannes Film Festival. Hou has also worked actively as a producer and has collaborated with his fellow directors including Edward Yang, Zhang Yimou, Hsu Hsiao-Ming, Wu Nien-Jen and Chen Kuo-Fu. He also took the lead acting role in "Taipei Story"(85).

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