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Okajima Hisashi has been a staff member of the National Film Center (NFC), the film department of the National Museum of Modern Art of Tokyo, since he graduated with a degree in film studies at the Nihon University College of Arts in 1979. In April 2005, he was appointed as Chief Curator after his twenty-six year involvement in all kinds of NFC's undertakings. He has been appointed as an advisory committee member for several domestic film festivals and for national and municipal film cultural institutions. Okajima is also a member of the board of directors of the Japan Society of Image Arts and Sciences and of the Kawakita Memorial Film Institute.
Okajima has been active in various operations of the International Federation of Film Archives (FIAF) and is notable for his contributions in (1) organizing the 63rd FIAF Congress in Tokyo, (2) drafting the FIAF 70th Anniversary Manifesto which features the slogan "Don't Throw Film Away," (3) assisting the editorial work of the Journal of Film Preservation, and (4) working as the interlocutor to FAFA (Forum of Asian Film Archives.) Last May 2009, he was elected as the 12th President of the FIAF at its 65th Congress in Buenos Aires.

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The Tokyo Culture Creation Project is a project that the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture have been executing in collaboration with various arts-related organizations. The Project's objectives are to create and promote arts and culture that are unique to Tokyo, to develop children's rich sensibilities through arts and culture, and to create various local cultural focal points in Tokyo. The Project's activities include organization of various art events; facilitation of collaborative art programs between residents of Tokyo and artists; and operation of programs to provide children with the opportunity to experience arts and culture.