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Born in Tokyo in 1963. After graduating Rikkyo University, Shinozaki started his career in film industry as a film projectionist and later became a film critic. In 1996, he made his first feature "Okaeri", which not only became an art-house hit domestically but won attention of international film community, eventually winning 11 international awards including the Best New Director Award at the Berlin International Film Festival. His second feature, "Not Forgotten", a story of three aging WWII veterans, further established his recognition abroad, winning Dragons & Tigers Award Special Mention at the Vancouver Film Festival and the Best Leading Actress Award for Akiko Kazami and the Best Leading Actor(s) Award for Tatsuya Mihashi and Tomio Aoki at Nates Festival des 3 Continents. His subsequent films, "Walking with a Dog" (04), "Koroshi no Harawata" (06), "0093 Jouou-Heika no Kusakari Masao"(07), "Tengoku No Soup" (08) were all different in both contents and styles showcasing Shinozaki's versatility as a filmmaker. Shinozaki is also known as a frequent collaborator of Takeshi Kitano; directing Jam Session" (98), a documentary on Kitano's making of his feature, "Kikujiro; directing "Asakusa Kid"(02), a TV film based on autobiography of young Kitano as an aspiring stand-up comic; a short film featured in the installation of Kitano's first ever art exhibition GOSSE DE PEINTRE (10) at Foundation Cartier Paris. His latest film is "Tokyo jima" (10).

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The Tokyo Culture Creation Project is a project that the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture have been executing in collaboration with various arts-related organizations. The Project's objectives are to create and promote arts and culture that are unique to Tokyo, to develop children's rich sensibilities through arts and culture, and to create various local cultural focal points in Tokyo. The Project's activities include organization of various art events; facilitation of collaborative art programs between residents of Tokyo and artists; and operation of programs to provide children with the opportunity to experience arts and culture.