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Charlotte LIM Lay Kuen

Born in the historical town of Malacca in 1981, Charlotte Lim has assisted in direction and production for Malaysian new wave pioneers like James Lee and Ho Yuhang in films like'Things We Do when We Fall in Love'(James Lee); 'Sanctuary','Rain Dogs' and the multi-award-winning'At The End of Daybreak' (Ho Yuhang).

In 2005, Charlotte got the opportunity to work as Assistant Director for notable directors like Tsai Ming Liang in 'I Don't Want to Sleep Alone' and Ang Lee in 'Lust. Caution'. She was the China-Shanghai production coordinator for Hollywood blockbuster 'The Mummy III 'Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor'.

Charlotte continues her dedication as an Assistant Director for her fellow Malaysian new wave filmmakers in the multi-award-winning 'Flower In The Pocket' (Liew Seng Tat). She also contributed as the Head of Art Department in Tan Chui Mui's latest feature 'The Year Without A Summer'.

Charlotte's debut feature 'My Daughter' which has garnered support from the International Film Festival Rotterdam's Hubert Bals. It won Jury Prize at 9 th Marrakech Film Festival. The jury of panel was chaired by the Iranian renowned director, Abbas Kiarostami & he highly praised the film as pure cinema.


HTER (2009, 76 min, video)
Festivals / Awards
JURY PRIZE, 9th Marrakech Film Festival, 2009
INTERNATIONAL CRITICS PRIZE, 12th Deauville Asian Film Festival, 2009
GRAND PRIX for Best Feature Film, 15th Split Film Festival, 2010

14th Pusan Film Festival, 2009, New Currents competitionv 39th Rotterdam Film Festival, 2010, VPRO Tigers Award competition
32nd Creteil International Women's Film Festival, Feature film competition

ESCAPE (2008, 26 min, video)
Festivals / Awards
HONORABLE MENTION by YOUNG JURY AWARD, Rio De Janeiro Short Film Festival, 2009
BEST EDITING, Janela Internacional de Cinema do Recife (Brazil), 2009

13th Pusan Film Festival, 2008
27th Vancouver Film Festival, 2008
38th Rotterdam Film Festival, 2009
55th Oberhausen International Short Film
Festival, 2009, Official selection in competition

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