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Wesley Leon AROOZOO

Wesley Leon Aroozoo is a breath away from completing his BFA in Filmmaking at Nanyang Technological University Of Singapore (School Of Arts, Design And Media). Wesley is regarded as young active member of the lo cal film community and was ranked #1 in the selection of the Top Five Emerging Filmmakers below 30 in Singapore at ICA 2010.

Wesley's 10 short films are Awarde d, In Competition and Screened in over 60 film festivals such as The International Film Festival Rotterd am. He is also part of 13 Little Pictures, a film collective in Singapore that champions innovative films, hailed by critics as the 'Real New Wave' in Singapore.

Wesley has also been featured on Channel News Asia (Television), News 93.8 FM (Radio) and The Strait Times (Print) to discuss his films. His films are also cataloged and distributed by Objectifs Films and The Asian Film Archive. Wesley has also travelled to count ries such as Holland, Germany , Indonesia, Thailand and Hong Kong with the supp ort of the Singapore Film Commission to share and discuss his films in prestigious film festivals.

Other than his films, Wesley was also under the mentorship of Marilyn Milgrom of Script Factory (England) for his feature lenght script 'Bookmarked' which c linched a Merit Award at the Panasonic Digital Film Fiesta and Judges Choice at the 1st Noise Festival. He is also trained in music scoring for film and picked up a Silver award for Best Sound Design and Score, a Bronze award and 4 Finalist awards at the C rowbar Awards. Wesley was also commissioned to create the opening trailer for the 5th Singapore Short Film Festival which featured top Asian filmmakers such as Royston Tan and Amir Muhammad.

For his 2 year National Service, Wesley trained as a Commando i n the 1st Comm ando Battalion and as a Pilot Cadet in the Republic Of Singapore Air Force in Sydney, Australia.

Wesley is currently developing his feature script 'Bookmarked' and intends to purse his Masters Degree next.


Kissing Faces ( 2009, 11min, HDV )
Festivals/ Awards
Official S election International Film Festival Rotterdam

Mickey ( 2009, 19min, HDV )
Festivals/ Awards
In Competition IndPanda Film Festival, Hong Kong

Peep ( 2010, 5min, HDV )
Festivals/ Awards
Official S election Asian Berlin H ot Shots, Germany

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