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Ellery NGIAM

A graduate of New York University's Film program at Tisch School of the Arts, Ellery's ambition and vision for storytelling extend beyond the shores of Singapore, and has granted him acclaim for his directorial work. And translating his personal vision to the commercial world, he has established himself as a promising, young director of television drama, commercials and documentaries for local and international cable channels.

In addition, his short films, including "Crammed" "Jia Fu" "Dance of a Modern Marriage" and "Play Pretend" have found both critical and audience acceptance, garnering accolades locally and internationally.

Even his unproduced screenplays have received critical acclaim. His latest screenplay , "Sunflower" is one of only two screenplays selected to participate in Singapore Film Commission's Script Development Program 2010. This script will be developed at SMI Corporation, a leading film financing company in Hong Kong, into a commercial feature film project.

Another of his feature film screenplays, "Forgotten Tears" had also received its fair share of acclaim including Best Screenplay at the Asian American International Film Festival 2005 in New York City, and the Gold Award at the National Scriptwriting Competition 2004 in Singapore. This same script was selected to attend the prestigious "Produire Au Sud" at the Festival of 3 Continents 2005 in Nantes, France, and the Script Clinic at the Berlin Film Festival Talent Campus 2005.

Adding to his extensive awards, Ellery was also selected to attend a series of Master Classes in Film Directing at the Asian Film Academy, hosted by the Pusan International Film Festival 2006. His other achievements include being selected as one of a few Asian semi - finalist on the Fox - produced reality television show, "On The Lot".

His diverse and challenging works in the fields of film and television has allowed him to display his versatility, yet maintain his intensely personal vision, integrity and soul to his craft.


JIA FU (FAMILY PORTRAIT) (2004, 22min)


3 FOR A DOLLAR (2008, 22min)

The Best Screenplay at the Asian American International Film Festival 2005
The Gold Award at the National Scriptwriting Competition 2004

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