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CHIANG Hsiu-Chiung

Before starting a career as a director, Chiang Hsiu - Chiung has gained a wide range of film experience both on and behind the screen. Beginning as an actress, her debut in Edward Yang's " A Brighter Summer Day " won her a nomination for the Best Supporting Actress in Taiwan's Golden Horse Award. She later turned to work behind the scenes, working with Edward Yang, a Taiwanese director of world renown and a leading figure of Taiwan's New Wave cinema movement, on " A Confucian Confusion " and " Yi Yi ", and Hou Hsiao - Hsien, an award - winning film director, on " Flowers of Shanghai " and " Millennium Mambo ". Chiang Hsiu - Chiung's films touch upon various facets of life in the real sense with a touch of female sensuality. Her 2008 short film "Hopscotch" swept away awards at all the major film awards in Taiwan and was nominated in France for the best short film. Her feature film "Artemisia" further gained her international recognition, including the Golden Gate Awards at the San Francisco International Film Festival.
Her latest documentary film, "Let the Wind Carry Me" , after three years of production, entices the audiences to participate in the traces of life behind the powerful cinematography. The film, winning the Grand Prize of the 2010 Taipei Film Festival, drew a great and wide media and public attention in Taiwan.


Let the Wind Carry Me (2010, 88 min, 35mm)
Festivals/ Awards
The Grand Prize, 2010 Taipei Film Festival
The Best Documentary Award, 2010 Taipei Film Festival
The Best Editing , 2010 Taipei Film Festival
International Feature Length Competition Taiwan International Documentary Festival Taiwan International Documentary Festival

Artemisia (2008, 83min, HD)
Golden Gate Award, Television Narrative Long Form, 52 nd San Francisco International Film Festival, USA
2009 Bronze World Medal, TV Movie/Drama Special, New York Festivals - International TV Programming & Promotion Awards, USA

Hopscotch ( 2008 , 27min, 35mm )
Best Short Film, 45 th Golden Horse Award
Grand Prize, 31 st Golden Harvest Award
Best Director, 31 st Golden Harvest Award
Jury's Prize, 11 th Taipei Film Festival
Best Short Film, 53 rd Asia Pacific Film Festival
Nominated, Best Short Film, 32 nd Clermont - Ferrand International Short Film Festival, France

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