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SHIOZAKI Shohei studied Filmmaking and Media Studies at San Jose State University and lived in the U.S. for six years. During this time he worked as a coordinator and production manager for Japanese crews shooting in th e San Francisco area, and wrote and directed a documentary about the experiences of foreign students in the United States.In 2004 he returned to Japan to join 100 Meter Films. At 100 Meter Films Shohei has been responsible for overseeing various foreign pr oductions shooting in Japan, including line producing the Japan - Netherlands co - production, Megumi . Shohei has also worked in various roles on features and commercials shooting in Japan, and as an assistant director on Japanese feature films with foreign a ctors, such as Best Wishes for Tomorrow (dir. Takashi Koizumi, 2007), Sideways - JP (dir. Cellin Gluck, 2009), Leonie (dir. Hisako Matsui, 2010).

Shohei's debut short film The Errand has been selected for a range of leading film festivals, including: Aubu rn International Film Festival for Children and Young Adults (In Competition); International Seoul Youth Film Festival (Brilliant Moments section); Dances with Films (In Competition); Skip City International D - Cinema Festival (In Competition); Short Shorts Film Festival Asia (In Competition); and the International Festival of Documentary and Short Film of Bilbao (In Competition).

From 2006 Shohei played a key role in the J - PITCH Development Workshop for Japanese co - productions, which was sponsored by MET I (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) and UNIJAPAN. Shohei organized the J - Pitch symposia and workshops for three years in partnership with John Williams. During the J - Pitch program, Shohei coordinated individual co - production meetings for J - Pitch p roducers both within Japan and internationally, across more than 30 feature film projects.
He also coordinated MARZA's 2010 global screenplay competition, Marza Story Cirsus Competition for animated feature films.


The Errand (2007, 17 min, H D)
Picture Battle Show Biz Japan (Grand - Prix) Dance With Films (Audience Awards) China Mobile International Film Festival (Most Popular Director)

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