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KIM Kihyun
(South Korea)

Born in Korea (1978)

Studied Mathematics at Yonsei University (1997 - 2003)
Studied Film Directing at the Korean Academy of Film Arts (2004 - 2006)
- Graduated as the Best Student of Film Directing major

Professional Experience
*Selected as a director at The Berlinale Talent Campus (2008.2 Berlin International Film Festival)
*Development Funds for feature - length films "LADY" (Korean Film Council 2010.8 )
*Development Funds for feature - length films "BANKER" (CJ azit 2010.8 )
*Development Funds for feature - length films " a Prenatal journey " (Korean Film Council 2006.10 )


* His deafness (2005, 16mm 11min)
- Filmstock Film Festival (2006 UK)
- NewYork Korean Film Festival (2006 US)
- San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival (2007 USA)

* Request (2006, 35mm 19min 30sec)
- Mise - en - scene's genres film festival (2006 Korea)
- Vancouver International Film Festival (2006 Canada)
- Tokyo Image Forum (200 6 Japan)
- Syracuse International Film Festival (2007 US)

*DUST KID (2009, 10min, 35mm, Animation , directed by JUNG Yumi )
producer /co - editor
- Cannes 2009 Directors Fortnight (2009 France) Competition
- Clermont Ferrand Intl Short Film Fest (2010 France) Co mpetition
- Tokyo Anima Fair (2010 Japan) Best short award
- Hiroshima International Animation Film Festival (2010) Competition
- Hamptons International Film Festival (2009 USA) Best short film award

*Math Test (2010, 2 min, 35mm, Animation , directed by JUNG Yumi )
producer /co - editor
- Internationale Film festspiele Berlin, Berlinale shorts (2010 Germany) Competition
- Aspen Shorts (2010 USA) Competition
- Uppsala International Short Film Festival (2010 Sweden)

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