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IKAWA Kotaro

Born in Japan, 1976. At Hitotubashi university, he learned cinema theory from Kan NOZAKI and started to make films.
He has worked on independent films, and he was in charge of cinematographer in Koji SHIRAKAWA's film "Whil e the right hand is sleeping" in 2003, then he was in charge of cinematographer in several films.
His debut feature film "lost in tokyo" was shown for two weeks in the Cinem - Arton - ShimoKitazawa Theater in 2006.
"lost in tokyo" was nominated to the 25th Va ncouver International Film Festival dragon & Tiger competition, invited to the 36th Rotterdam International Film Festival, and won the Audience Award in Cinema Digital Seoul 2007. Finally, "lost in tokyo" was screened in more than 10 film festivals world w ide. The DVD of "lost in tokyo" was released in 2008.


LOST IN TOKYO (2006, 91min, HDV)
Festivals/ Awards
25th Vancouver International Film Festival Competition in the Dragons & Tigers Award for Young Cinema / International Premiere
36th Inter national Film Festival Rotterdam Cinema of the Future:Sturm und Drang / European Premiere
13th Bradford International Film Festival / UK Premiere
9th Barcelona Asian Film Festival Section: D - CINEMA
the 1st Bucharest Film Festival
24th Jerusalem Internati onal Film Festival Section: New Directors
The 1st cinema digital seoul 2007_film festival Competition the WINNER of Audience Award
8th Seoul Film Festival Section: HD Choice
15th FilmFest Hamburg Section: Agenda 07
4e Festival International du Film Indep endant de Lille / Competition
Yokohama - Koganecho Film Festival / Main Program

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