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Wuna WU

Wuna Wu graduated from the Graduate Institute of Sound and Image in Tainan National University of the Arts. She is now an independent documentary producer. Her works are filled with unique feminine sensibilities and keenness. Her camera usually expresses strong emotions. In the image aesthetic aspect, she often uses a different method from the old documentary pattern, and always surprises the audience, which makes her a very potential documentary director. Some of her important works are Happy or not and Farewell 1999. Her wroks won the Grand Prize in Taiwan International Documentary Festival and 2005 VISIONS DU REEL - NYON.


Echo (2002)
Festivals/ Awards
Best Documentary in 2003 Taipei Film Festival.

Farewell 1999 (2004, 70min)
Festivals/ Awards
2004 Best movie in Taipei Film Festival.
Grand prize of 2004Taiwan International Documentary Festival Prix Regards Neufs of 2005 VISIONS DU REEL - NYON

C (2005, 25min)
Festivals/ Awards
Taiwan Woman Film Festival

Transfer (2006)
Festivals/ Awards
2006Taiwan International Documentary Festival

The character (2007)
Festivals/ Awards
MECOOON 2007 Free Cinema

Let's Fall In Love (2009, 90min, 35mm)
Festivals/ Awards
2008.6th Taiwan International Documentary Festival
2009.22nd Singapore International Film Festival
2009.11th Taipei Film Festival
2009. 53rd Asia Pacific Film Festival
2010. 39th International Film Festival Rotterdam

Let's Fall In Love 2
(2011 ,Coming soon......)

Video art
Pass By (2006)
Festivals/ Awards
2006 Taiwan Avant - Garde Documenta III (Co6)

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