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As one of the youngest and the most promising female directors in Indonesia, Mouly Surya holds the a Bachelor of Arts degree from Swinburne University, Australia and a master's degree in film and television from Bond U niversity, Australia. Her first film, Fiction. (Fiksi.) received rave reviews from both national and international critics, including Variety amongst others. She aims to be a director who can achieve success in various genres with her own distinctive style . Fiction. (Fiksi.) had its international premiere in the Pusan International Film Festival 2008. The film also received the following awards; the Best Director Award in the Indonesian Feature Film Competition at the Jakarta International Film Festival (JI FFEST) 2008, Special Mention at the Jogja NETPAC Asian Film Festival and Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay and Best Score at the Festival Film Indonesia 2008.
Her second feature film project, Extraordinary Me, which is in the developm ent stage at the time being, was selected to participate at the Pusan Promotion Plan 2010 and was awarded the Goteborg International Film Fund award.


Feature Films - Director
Fiksi. (english title: Fiction.) Cinesurya Production, 2008
Film (for) Television - Director
Ericka , Citra Sinema, 2010
Short Films - Director
Doll. , Bond University, 2005
Music Videos - Director
Remind Me by Indra Yogiswara (Bond University, 2005)
Lelah by Rieka Roslan feat. Iwan Abdie (Sob Production, 2005)
Tanp amu by Band ANTRI (7em, 2007)
Feature Films - Screenwriter
Fiksi. (english title: Fiction.) Cinesurya Production, 2008
Kambingjantan , Indika/Vito Production, 2009.

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