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YAMAMOTO Satsuo is well known for directing the first film adaptations of
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Satsuo YAMAMOTO was born on July 15th 1910 in Kagoshima Prefecture. He was expelled from Waseda University in 1932 and joined Shochiku Studios in 1933, becoming an assistant director to Mikio NARUSE. In 1934 YAMAMOTO joined NARUSE's move to PCL (former name of Toho Studios). YAMAMOTO was promoted to director in 1937 and made his feature debut. He continued directing films until he was drafted and dispatched to China in 1943. Upon returning in 1946, YAMAMOTO rejoined Toho and co-directed Senso To Heiwa with Fumio KAMEI in 1947. YAMAMOTO left Toho following a dispute and began producing films independently, including works of social realism such as Shinku Chitai (52). He eventually set up his own production company, Yamamoto Pro, in 1955. Daiei Studios later hired YAMAMOTO to direct Shinobi No Mono (62) which became a commercial success. YAMAMOTO continued making films at Daiei, including masterpieces Shiroi Kyoto (66) and Botan Doro (68). From 1970 to 1973 YAMAMOTO produced war trilogy Senso to Ningen, followed by large scale productions such as Karei Naru Ichizoku (74) and Kinkanshoku (75). Satsuo YAMAMOTO died on August 11th 1983 of pancreatic cancer at the age of 73.
Between War and Peace (Senso to Heiwa) Details
Between War and Peace (Senso to Heiwa)
(C)1947 TOHO CO., LTD.
17(Sat.)11:00 / 22(Thu.)16:30

1947 / 100min.
The Scarlet Cloak (Akai Jinbaori) Details
The Scarlet Cloak (Akai Jinbaori)
(C)1958 Shochiku Co., Ltd.
17(Sat.)14:00 / 25(Sun.)11:00

1958 / 94min.
A Song of The Wagon (Niguruma no Uta) Details
A Song of The Wagon (Niguruma no Uta)
17(Sat.)16:30 / 22(Thu.)13:00

1959 / 144min.
A Band of Assassins (Shinobi no mono) Details
A Band of Assassins (Shinobi no mono)
(C)1962 Kadokawa Pictures Inc.
18(Sun.)11:00 / 22(Thu.)19:00

1962 / 104min.
Red Water (Akai Mizu) Details
Red Water (Akai Mizu)
(C)1963 Kadokawa Pictures Inc.
18(Sun.)14:00 / 24(Sat.)17:00

1963 / 99min.
The Tycoon (Kizudarake no Sanga) Details
The Tycoon (Kizudarake no Sanga)
(C)1964 Kadokawa Pictures Inc.
18(Sun.)16:30 / 23(Holi.)11:00

1964 / 152min.
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The Burglar Story (Nippon Dorobo Monogatari) Details
The Burglar Story (Nippon Dorobo Monogatari)
20(Tue.)13:00 / 23(Holi.)14:30

1965 / 117min.
The Spy (Supai) Details
The Spy (Supai)
(C)1965 Kadokawa Pictures Inc.
20(Tue.)16:00 / 25(Sun.)17:00

1965 / 96min.
The Ivory Tower (Shiroi Kyoto) Details
The Ivory Tower (Shiroi Kyoto)
(C)1966 Kadokawa Pictures Inc.
20(Tue.)18:30 /@24(Sat.)11:00

1966 / 150min.
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The Bogus Detective (Nise Keiji) Details
The Bogus Detective (Nise Keiji)
(C)1967 Kadokawa Pictures Inc.
21(Wed.)13:00 / 25(Sun.)14:00

1967 / 92min.
Zatoichi Breaks Jail (Zatoichi Royaburi) Details
Zatoichi Breaks Jail (Zatoichi Royaburi)
(C)1967 TOHO CO., LTD.

1967 / 95min.
The Bride From Hades (Botan Doro) Details
The Bride From Hades (Botan Doro)
(C)1968 Kadokawa Pictures Inc.
21(Wed.)19:00 / 24(Sat.)14:30

1968 / 89min.
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