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Digitally Remastered version of “Taipei Story” will be screened for the first time in Japan as Special Screening section.(2016/10/14)

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TOKYO FILMeX 2015Awards

The Jury of the TOKYO FILMeX 2015 competition, consisted of LEE Yong-kwan (The Chairperson of the Jury: Korea / Festival Director), Sylvia CHANG (Taiwan / Actress, Film Director, Producer), SHIOTA Akihiko (Japan / Film Director), SAITO Atsuko (Japan / Film Critic and Film Subtitle Translator) and Gregory GAJOS (France / Director of program & acquisition of Ad Vitam, distribution company), awards the following prizes.


Grand Prize

“Tharlo” Pema Tseden (China / 2015 / 123 min.)

The winning film’s director will receive 700,000 yen.
A simple concept that a man seeks an identification card loses track of himself, is beautifully made into a cinema.


Special Jury Prize

“Behemoth”  ZHAO Liang (China / 2015 / 91 min.)

The winning film’s director will receive 300,000 yen.
The modern civilization and devastating human and nature are visualized in critical and poetic ways.


Special Mention

“Dark in the White Light”  Vimukthi JAYASUNDARA (Sri Lanka / 2015 / 82 min.)

 Director OKUDA Yosuke   The Dork, the Girl and the Douchebag (Japan / 2015 / 141 min.)


Audience Award

“Dearest”   Peter CHAN (China, Hong Kong / 2014 / 130min.)


Student Jury Prize

“Tharlo”   Pema Tseden (China / 2015 / 123 min.)

A love song strips itself of that which binds it, and transforms into the atonal growl of punk rock.
Tharlo. He does not have the means to harm another person, nor even to protect himself. He smiles at the people he meets, and occasionally forgets his own name. There are moments when he reacts just as a small child would, and is utterly defenseless. A barber shop, a karaoke parlor. When he ventures into town, as if someone is leading him by the hand, his lovable defenseless is exposed. As he experiences things he has never experienced before, the words of Mao Zedong are repeated over and over. Those words seem to take on his own warmth.
Is nature truly the place that where he belongs?
Ultimately, amid a green landscape, Tharlo turns his back on us, and is no longer the man we once knew.
We see that he has gained, or perhaps lost, something overwhelming.

Student Jury :


Talents Tokyo Award 2015

“A Love to Boluomi”   LAU Kek Huat (Malaysia / Taiwan)

The winning project’s participant will receive 300,000 yen.

The Jury decided to give the Talents Tokyo Award 2015 for further script development.
We chose “A Love to Boluomi“ from LAU Ket Huat from Malaysia for his bold clarity of vision and unflinching commitment to the material, based on real life events. The filmmaker clearly earned the trust of their subjects and we are sure that he will manage to do a film with filmic and emotional resonance.

Talents Tokyo 2015 Main Experts :
PARK Kiyong (Dorector), Stephan HOLL (Producer), Emillie GEORGES (World Sales), Christine TROSTRAUM (Programme Manager of Berlinale Talents)


Talents Tokyo

Talents Tokyo 2014

Dates: From November 24 to 29, 2014(6 days during the TOKYO FILMeX 2014)
Venue: Yurakucho Asahi Hall, etc.

The theme for this year's edition of Talents Tokyo is "Mission Possible: Defining Filmmakers' Positions".




11/19 国際批評フォーラム 「映画批評の現在、そして未来へ」 パネルディスカッション 有楽町朝日ホール スクエア ジャン=ミッシェル・フロドン(映画評論) クラレンス・ツィ(映画評論家) クリス・フジワラ(映画評論家) 齋藤敦子(映画評論家) 市山 尚三(東京フィルメックス プログラム・ディレクター) 日本語の要約はデイリーニュースをご覧ください。

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