[Closed] Rediscover Japan – Japanese Animations with English Subtitles


Entries has closed because attendance limit was reached. Thank you!

The 11th “Eiga no Jikan” (Movie Time)
Rediscover Japan
– Japanese Animation with English Subtitles
‘The Mochi-mochi Tree’ and ‘The Magic Fox’


Let’s enjoy animation in English and Japanese!
Try making your own, using an app.
Everyone is welcome to join in!

Date/Time: February 21st (Tue), 2017     4:00pm-6:00pm

Open To: Elementary, junior high, and high school students, their parents and caregivers, and everyone else!

Entry: Free

Venue: British School in Tokyo, Shibuya Campus (1-21-18 Shibuya Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

10 minutes walk from Shibuya Station, JR and Metro
10 minutes walk from Meiji-Jingumae Station, Metro

Access Map (PDF)

Event Program:

1) Animated short film screening and talk
2) Make your own stop-motion animation with an app

Attendance Limits:

50 participants
(applications must be made in advance for parents and children, entries will close when attendance limit is reached)

To apply to participate in the screening, please fill in the online form at the link below.

Entries has closed because attendance limit was reached. Thank you!

3:45pm     Reception opens
4:00pm     Event begins, opening greeting
4:10pm     Screening and Talk
5:00pm     Short break, explanation of 16mm film projector
5:10pm     Workshop
6:00pm     Event ends

This screening, featuring Japanese films with English subtitles, is an event that Japanese and foreigners of all ages can enjoy.
Why does animation make inanimate objects look like they’re alive?
Try making a simple stop-motion animation using an app!


About the Film


(C)1972 Echo Co., Ltd.

“The Mochi-mochi tree”(Mochimochi no ki)

1972 /16 mins / Japanese dialogue with English subtitles / 16mm film

Director and Screenplay: Okamoto Tadanari
Original Novel: Saito Ryusuke
Composer and Shamisen Performance: Tsuruzawa Seiji
Narration: Toyotake Rodayu
Production: Echo

Cowardly Mameta lives with his grandfather on a mountain. He is so scared of the Mochimochi tree in front of his house, he can’t go to the toilet alone when it gets late. One night, Mameta’s grandfather suddenly begins to suffer from some kind of illness, so he sets off to find a doctor…

An adaptation of a famous “kirie” cutout picture book, utilizing stop-motion animation with Japanese paper and “joruri” (dramatic recitation accompanied by shamisen)-style narration.



“The Magic Fox”(Okonjoruri)

1982 /26 mins / Japanese dialogue with English subtitles / 16mm film

Director and Screenplay: Okamoto Tadanari
Original Novel: Sanetou Akira
Production: Sakura Motion Picture, Echo

A bedridden elderly woman helps a hungry fox called Okon. In thanks, Okon sings a joruri song that restores the elderly woman’s health. The two join forces to cure other villagers of their sicknesses. Eventually, their lord hears of their exploits, and summons them to his castle…

The loving generosity of Okon and the elderly woman is brought to life through stop-motion animation, using papier mache, clay figures, and more.


Let’s try making stop-motion animation!

Using a smartphone and tablet app, we’ll make simple stop-motion animations. See how movies make objects come to life!

* Equipment will available for loan to participants.
* Files of animations made in this workshop will be sent to participants at a later date.



TOKYO FILMeX (Staff member in charge: Okazaki)
3F, Trade Akasaka Bldg 5-4-14 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052
Tel: 03-3560-6394
Email: eiganojikan@filmex.jp


Presented by: TOKYO FILMeX Organizing Committee (Non-profit Organization)
Co-presented by: The British School in Tokyo
Supported by: National Institution For Youth Education
Nominal Support: Shibuya City Board of Education / Minato City Board of Education
Cooperation: The Japan Foundation / Echo / Sakura Motion Picture



(C)1972 Echo Co., Ltd.

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