* Q&A: Guests will meet the audience in a Q&A or Talk session after the screening.
* Programs and schedules are subject to change.

Date Time Title   Guest Venue
11/23 Sat. 18:10 Opening Ceremony + The Shadow Play Ceremony(10min.) Tony RAYNS (Film Critic) Asahi Hall
Behnaz JAFARI (Actress)
Samal YESLYAMOVA (Actress)
KURIGAMI Kazumi (Photographer)
FUKADA Koji (Film Director)
Q&A(20min.) LOU Ye (Film Director) Asahi Hall
21:15 A Documentary on the Shadow Play Q&A(20min.) MA Yingli (Film Director),LOU Ye (Film Director) TOHO Cinemas Hibiya 12
11/24 Sun. 11:30 book-paper-scissors Q&A(20min.) HIROSE Nanako(Film Director) Asahi Hall
14:40 Silent Rain Introduction(10min.) NAKAGAWA Ryutaro(Film Director), NAKANO Taiga(Actor), ETO Misa(Actress),
TAKAGI Masakatsu(Film Music)
Asahi Hall
Q&A(20min.) NAKAGAWA Ryutaro(Film Director) Asahi Hall
17:50 Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains Q&A(20min.) GU Xiaogang(Film Director) Asahi Hall
21:15 3 FACES Q&A(20min.) Behnaz JAFARI( Actress,Jury) TOHO Cinemas Hibiya 12
11/25 Mon. 13:00 Suzhou River Q&A(20min.) LOU Ye (Film Director) Asahi Hall
15:40 Verdict Q&A(20min.) Raymund Ribay GUTIERREZ (Film Director) Asahi Hall
11/26 Tue. 18:40 Balloon Q&A(20min.) Jinpa (Actor) Asahi Hall
11/27 Wed. 12:10 Tekken Q&A(20min.) SAKAMOTO Junji (Film Director) Asahi Hall
15:30 Shadow of Water Q&A(20min.) Sanal Kumar SASIDHARAN (Film Director) Asahi Hall
17:40 Discussion with Samal YESLYAMOVA,
actress of "Ayka": winner of Grand Prize at TOKYO FILMeX 2018.
Talk(50min.) Samal YESLYAMOVA (Actress, Jury) Square B
18:40 Wet Season Q&A(20min.) Anthony CHEN (Film Director) Asahi Hall
11/28 Thu. 13:00 Talents Tokyo Open Campus: ,
<Our Ten Years>
Talk(120min.) SHU Kei (Film Director, Scriptwriter, Producer),NEANG Kavich (Film Director), KINOSHITA Yusuke(Film Director) SquareB
15:00 Open presentation 180 min All Talents and Experts
15:50 Last Night I Saw You Smiling Q&A(20min.) NEANG Kavich (Film Director) Asahi Hall
18:20 Vitalina Varela Q&A(20min.) Pedro COSTA (Film Director) Asahi Hall
18:30 Networking Time (90min.)   SquareA
11/29 Fri. 10:00 Billiken Q&A(20min.) SAKAMOTO Junji (Film Director) Asahi Hall
12:50 Height of the Wave Q&A(20min.) PARK Jung-Bum,PARK, Jong-yeonf (Actor), JE Jong-mo (Actor) Asahi Hall
18:00 “Work Style Reform” in Film Industry
Sustainable Work Environment in Independent Film Production
symposium(120 min) SANO Shotaro ( Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry),KOIZUMI Akira(Film Producer),PARK Jung-Bum(Film Director),FUKADA Koji(co-representative of Dokuritsu Eiganabe Film Director), TSUCHIYA Yutaka(co-representative of Dokuritsu Eiganabe Film Director) SquareB
11/30 Sat. 10:00 KT Q&A(20min.) SAKAMOTO Junji (Film Director) Asahi Hall
13:30 Out of This World Q&A(20min.) SAKAMOTO Junji (Film Director), ODAGIRI Joe (Actor) Asahi Hall
16:00 Discussion with the director of VR Program, "Battle Hymn". Talk(60min.) Yair AGMON(Film Director) SquareB
17:15 Talents Tokyo Award Ceremony Ceremony(30min.) Talents Tokyo Students Asahi Hall
18:10 Award Ceremony + Coming Home Again Ceremony(40min.) Tony RAYNS (Film Critic) Asahi Hall
Behnaz JAFARI (Actress)
FUKADA Koji (Film Director)
KURIGAMI Kazumi (Photographer)
3 Student Juries
Prize Winners
Q&A(20min.) Wayne WANG (Film Director) Asahi Hall
12/1 Sun. 9:50 WOLF'S CALLING Introduction(10min.)    
11:10 The Cow Introduction(5min.) Amir Naderi(Film Director) Asahi Hall
13:10 Program Review of 20th TOKYO FILMeX. Talk(50min.) KOGA Shigeki(Nihon Keizai Shimbun),SAITO Atsuko(Film Critic) SquareB
14:00 HHH: A Portrait of Hou Hsiao-Hsein Q&A(20min.) Olivier ASSAYAS (Film Director) Asahi Hall
17:00 Flowers of Shanghai Q&A(20min.) Olivier ASSAYAS (Film Director) Asahi Hall
21:15 Coming Home Again Q&A(20min.) Wayne WANG (Film Director) TOHO Cinemas Hibiya 12