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TOKYO FILMeX Competition

Epilogue / Hayuta Ve Berl
Israel / 2012 / 96 min.
Director: Amir MANOR

"Epilogue", the directorial debut of Amir MANOR, depicts a day in the life of an elderly couple in Tel Aviv. It begins early one morning. Former labor leader Berl and his wife Hayuta live in a shabby apartment, and their sunset years are far from comfortable. Hayuta suffers from diabetes, but it is not easy for them to find the money to pay for her medicine. A social worker turns up suddenly, but treats them with a clear lack of respect. The couple have a child who lives in New York, but their relationship only consists of an occasional phone call. Berl nurtures a dream, but there is no longer any chance of it being realized. Eventually, he and Hayuta set off from their apartment on a final journey... This film is an evocation of the helplessness and disappointment felt by some members of the generation that built Israel in pursuit of their ideals. Its dilapidated scenery appears to be less a reflection of reality than of the protagonists' mental imagery, and the splendid performances of the actors who play the elderly couple are a major highlight.


Born in Rishon LeZion, Israel. Became involved in the socialist movement from the age of 18. Left the movement at the age of 25, and worked as a journalist while majoring in television and film at Tel Aviv University, where he directed short films. One of them, "Reds" (07), about youths in a Tel Aviv commune, won the Best Drama Award at the Jerusalem International Film Festival. Other short films include "Pouring Sun" (06), "Ruin" (08), and "Lands" (08). "Epilogue" (12), his debut feature, won three awards at the Jerusalem International Film Festival including Best Actor and Best Actress, and was screened in the Venice Days section of the Venice Film Festival.

12/1 第13回 東京フィルメックス 授賞式
from ブロードキャスト 2012/12/10

12/1 第13回 東京フィルメックス 授賞式
監督:高橋 泉
SABU (俳優・映画監督)
秦 早穂子 (批評家)
ファタメ・モタメダリア (女優)
ヴァレリ=アンヌ・クリステン (ユニフランス・フィルムズ日本支局長)
サッシャ J-WAVE
藤岡 朝子通訳
林 加奈子 東京フィルメックス ディレクター
TOKYO FILMEX 2012 Award Ceremony
<Chairperson of the Jury>
SABU,JAPAN / Director,Actor
<The jury>
Dan FAINARU,Israel / Film Critic
HATA Shoko,Japan / Film Critic
Fatemeh MOTAMED-ARYA,Iran / Actress
Valerie-Anne CHRISTEN,FRANCE / Head of the uniFrance films Tokyo Office

from ブロードキャスト 2012/11/28

林 加奈子(東京フィルメックス ディレクター)
藤岡 朝子(通訳)
イスラエル / 2012年 / 96分
監督: アミール・マノール(監督)
Epilogue / Hayuta Ve Berl
Israel / 2012 / 96min.
Director: Amir MANOR

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