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TOKYO FILMeX Competition

Memories Look At Me / Ji Yi Wang Zhe Wo
China / 2012 / 87 min.
Director: SONG Fang

The film begins with its protagonist Fang, played by the director, visiting her parents in Nanjing. She ends up staying with them for a while, and is reunited with relatives she has not seen for quite some time. Her older brother's wife urges the still single Fang to get married. Many of her parents' acquaintances are facing health and age-related problems, and as she talks with them, memories of the past are called forth from the back of her mind... "Memories Look at Me", the feature directorial debut of SONG Fang who also appeared in HOU Hsiao-hsien's "Flight of the Red Balloon" (07), tells a story of a family with an intimacy reminiscent of the 1980s Taiwan New Wave. The conversations between the characters are mundane in subject matter, but the differing generational issues facing parents and children that emerge from their fragments are one of the film's main themes. The camerawork, comprised of numerous long takes, is superb. The film's producer is JIA Zhang-ke, who in recent years has actively fostered the work of up-and-coming directors. It received its world premiere at the Locarno Film Festival, where it won Best First Feature.


Born in Jiangsu Province, China. Studied film direction at Belgian film and theater school INSAS from 2002. Graduated from the Beijing Film Academy director's course in 2008. In 2009, her short film made as a graduation production, "Goodbye", came second in the Cannes Film Festival's CinŽfondation section. In 2011, she directed two episodes in the documentary omnibus "Yulu" produced by JIA Zhang-ke. Made her feature directorial debut with "Memories Look at Me" in 2012. Also played a home tutor in HOU Hsiao-hsien's "The Flight of the Red Balloon" (07).

12/1 第13回 東京フィルメックス 授賞式
from ブロードキャスト 2012/12/10

12/1 第13回 東京フィルメックス 授賞式
監督:高橋 泉
SABU (俳優・映画監督)
秦 早穂子 (批評家)
ファタメ・モタメダリア (女優)
ヴァレリ=アンヌ・クリステン (ユニフランス・フィルムズ日本支局長)
サッシャ J-WAVE
藤岡 朝子通訳
林 加奈子 東京フィルメックス ディレクター
TOKYO FILMEX 2012 Award Ceremony
<Chairperson of the Jury>
SABU,JAPAN / Director,Actor
<The jury>
Dan FAINARU,Israel / Film Critic
HATA Shoko,Japan / Film Critic
Fatemeh MOTAMED-ARYA,Iran / Actress
Valerie-Anne CHRISTEN,FRANCE / Head of the uniFrance films Tokyo Office

from ブロードキャスト 2012/12/ 1

市山 尚三(東京フィルメックス プログラム・ディレクター)
樋口 裕子(通訳)
中国 / 2012年 / 88分 
Memories Look At Me / Ji Yi Wang Zhe wo
China / 2012 / 88min.
Director: SONG Fang

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