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TOKYO FILMeX Competition

I am not the world you want to change / Atashiwa Sekainankajanaikara
Japan / 2012 / 112 min.
Director: TAKAHASHI Izumi

Insurance salesman KUROKAWA's girlfriend, Shino suggests he take a part-time film crew job, and so must meet with the client Yoshiroku. He says the job entails shooting his revenge for bullying he was victim to in the past. The troubled KUROKAWA will always remember the urgent look in Yoshiroku's eyes as he says, "Just shoot what you see." Swamped at work, and having forgotten how to seriously confront people, a bewildered KUROKAWA takes on the job. Several people become embroiled with one another, and by the end, revenge begins...
TAKAHASHI Izumi made a striking debut with "The Soup One Morning" (04), and "What the Heart Craves" (07) was screened at TOKYO FILMeX. His highly anticipated new film is an ensemble drama depicting the complex psychology of several men and women who unexpectedly come to know one another on account of revenge. The story is told freely moving back and forth in time, and the assembling of the seemingly unrelated separate episodes like a mosaic can only be called superb. The excellence of the actors' ensemble performances centered around "Gunjo-iro" members HIROSUE Hiromasa, SHIN-E Midori, and NAMIKI Akie is already a matter of course.


Born in 1973 in Saitama Prefecture. He formed the visual unit "Gunjo-iro" with HIROSUE Hiromasa in 2001. His feature length directorial debut, "The Soup One Morning" was awarded the Pia Film Festival Grand Prize in 2004. It also won the Dragon & Tigers Award at the Vancouver International Film Festival and was screened at many international film festivals. His follow-up film "What the Heart Craves" (07) was screened at TOKYO FILMeX, Berlin International Film Festivals, etc., winning the Blue Chameleon Award at the Cinema Digital Seoul Film Festival. Simultaneously, he is active as a screenwriter, writing the scripts for the HIROSUE Hiromasa directed "Fourteen" (06), MIKI Takahiro's "Solanin" (10), among others. Director HIROKI Ryuichi's "Hyakkai Naku Koto" is scheduled for release next year.

12/1 第13回 東京フィルメックス 授賞式
from ブロードキャスト 2012/12/10

12/1 第13回 東京フィルメックス 授賞式
監督:高橋 泉
SABU (俳優・映画監督)
秦 早穂子 (批評家)
ファタメ・モタメダリア (女優)
ヴァレリ=アンヌ・クリステン (ユニフランス・フィルムズ日本支局長)
サッシャ J-WAVE
藤岡 朝子通訳
林 加奈子 東京フィルメックス ディレクター
TOKYO FILMEX 2012 Award Ceremony
<Chairperson of the Jury>
SABU,JAPAN / Director,Actor
<The jury>
Dan FAINARU,Israel / Film Critic
HATA Shoko,Japan / Film Critic
Fatemeh MOTAMED-ARYA,Iran / Actress
Valerie-Anne CHRISTEN,FRANCE / Head of the uniFrance films Tokyo Office

from ブロードキャスト 2012/11/29

高橋 泉(監督)
市山 尚三(東京フィルメックス プログラム・ディレクター)
藤岡 朝子(通訳)
日本 / 2012年 / 112分 
監督: 高橋 泉
I am not the world you want to change / Atashiwa Sekainankajyanaikara
Japan / 2012 / 112min
Director: TAKAHASHI Izumi

from ブロードキャスト 2012/11/28

高橋 泉(監督)
廣末 哲万(俳優)
新恵 みどり(俳優)
並木 愛枝(俳優)
高根沢 光(俳優)
礒部 泰宏(俳優)
中村 倫子(俳優)
岡崎 匡(東京フィルメックス)
藤岡 朝子(通訳)
日本 / 2012年 / 112分 
監督: 高橋 泉
I am not the world you want to change / Atashiwa Sekainankajyanaikara
Japan / 2012 / 112min
Director: TAKAHASHI Izumi

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