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Jury / Awards

"Old Dog"Pema Tseden (China / 2011 / 88 min.)
The winning film's director will receive 1,000,000 yen.
This film captures the silence and the atmosphere in the empty place to go into the characters' minds and hearts. The film makes the transition in a very honest way from literature to film. It gives us a chance to experience life in this territory and in these people.

"The Journals of Musan"PARK Jung-bum (South Korea / 2010 / 127min.)
In the difficult situation of standing both in front of and behind the camera, the director accomplished the film with passion. His passion infected the cast and crew resulting in a genuine collaboration. Through the lead character we experience an embodiment of the contemporary complexities of the two Koreas.

We would like to give special mention to the performance of Wang Baoqiang in "Mr. Tree" for its sensitive creation of the character of a man on the fringes of the society.
And finally, the jury wants to express feeling for the people living inside and around the zone of Fukushima, as presented in the documentary "No Man's Zone." For this, we offer a special mention.

"Arirang"(Korea / 2012 / 91min.)

"Tokyo Playboy Club"OKUDA Yosuke (Japan / 2011 / 96 min.)
This film aligns with TOKYO FILMeX's concept of "For the Bright Future of Cinema". The steadfast determination and passion of the director stimulates the audience, and are the greatest contributing factors to this movie's soul. We believe that these elements are precisely what will lead to the cinema of the "future".
Of the numerous films in the running, OKUDA Yosuke's film stood out as possessing a vibe that it was made based on that initial impulse of "I want to shoot a movie!"
It was stimulating to the point we got the tingles!!
Hence, we have selected it for the Student Jury Prize.
We believe movies will become richer if more punk films such as this spread throughout the world.
Student Jury : KOCHI Ryoko, YAMAGUCHI Naoya, KAJI Mutsumi

The Chairperson of the jury

(The Chairperson of the Jury: USA / Film Director)

Born in Abadan, Iran in 1945. After being involved in filmmaking as a still photographer, projectionist and assistant director, he made his directorial debut with "Khoda Hafez Rafig (Good Bye Friend)" in 1971. Was active in filmmaking scenes, together with Abbas KIAROSTAMI, making the Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults their base. "Harmonica"(74) is known as one masterpiece of pre-Revolution Iranian cinema. Young NADERI dreamt of becoming a film director in Hollywood, and in 1976 he directed "Shakhte Iran (Made in Iran)", filmed in New York. With "The Runner"(86) and "Water, Wind, Dust"(89), he won the Grand Prizes at the Festival des 3 Continents Nantes. Moved to the United States, and in 1993 made "Manhattan by Numbers," which was invited to the Venice Film Festival, and also commercially released here in Japan. "A.B.C. Manhattan"(97) was selected for Un Certain Regard at the Cannes Film Festival. "Marathon"(02), "Sound Barrier"(05) and "Vegas: Based on a True Story" were screened at TOKYO FILMeX respectively. "Cut" was screened in Orizzonti at the Venice Film Festival as a opening film.
Message from Amir NADERI
It is an honor for me to be chosen as chairperson of the jury for TOKYO FILMeX, my favorite film festival and second home in Japan. Of course I will do my best, as is my duty. I feel now more than anytime before so much closer to Japanese culture and the Japanese people after working directly with Japanese actors and crew. Our new film, CUT, was born at TOKYO FILMeX, where I first met my very good actor NISHIJIMA Hidetoshi. Let me tell you, TOKYO FILMeX has such an interesting young audience, and I would like as anything I can to give them the right direction from my past experience. I believe so many important filmmakers for the future will come from this festival. No doubt about it. CUT, Amir.

The jury members

Philippe AZOURY
(France / film critic)
Philippe AZOURY is film critic based in Paris. He's working mainly for the french daily Libération. He also writing for Les Inrockuptibles, les Cahiers du cinéma, Trafic, Vogue. He wrotes several books about movies or photography, among them, this last year, a book about Werner Schroeter, one with Charles de Meaux, and a book in collaboration with the photograph Antoine d'Agata. He's also one of the infamous guys behind the musical blog Alainfinkielkrautrock and the books blog Discipline in Disorder.

JUNG Soowan
(Korea, Former Program Director, Jeonju International Film Festival)
Jeonju International Film Festival Program Director from 2003 to 2011. In addition to being a Korean Film Council (KOFIC) Committee Member in 2009, has served on the jury of various film festivals including Brisbane, Copenhagen, Bangkok, Yubari, and Nara. Has been teaching at Dongguk University's Department of Cinema as an assistant professor since 2006.

(Japan / Film Director)
SHINOZAKI Makoto is both a film director and a professor at the Rikkyo University College of Contemporary Psychology. His first feature-length film, "Welcome Home (Okaeri)"(96), won 11 awards abroad, at the Berlin Film Festival, and at the Montreal World Film Festival. His major projects are "Not Forgotten"(00), "Walking with the Dog"(03), "Tokyo Island"(10), "Die! Driectors, Die!"(11) and so on.

Susan RAY
(USA / President of Nicholas Ray Foundation, Film Director)
Born 1951 in New Haven, Connecticut. While working as Jason EPSTEIN's assistant conducting trial research on the "Chicago Seven," met Nicholas RAY who was planning an adaptation of the very same trial; they later married. Was involved with "City Blues," "New York After Midnight," among other projects of Nicholas RAY's final years. After his passing in 1979, made great efforts for the production of the restored version of "We Can't Go Home Again." In 2011, the 100th anniversary of Nicholas RAY's birth, completed the restoration along with directing the documentary "Don't Expect Too Much." Wrote the book, "I Was Interrupted: Nicholas Ray on Making Movies" in 1992. 

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