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Special Screenings

The Special Screenings section presents 10 new films from Asia and around the world.

Arirang / Arirangg

Arirang / Arirang
South Korea / 2011 / 91 min.
Director: KIM Ki-Duk

After a three-year absence from the South Korean film world, KIM Ki-duk finally breaks his silence with this masterpiece. While showing his daily life at a secluded house in the mountains, he talks candidly about various thoughts that he had kept secret until now. Screened in the Cannes Film Festival's Un Certain Regard category, where it took top prize.

Life Without Principle / Dyut Meng Gam

Life Without Principle / Dyut Meng Gam
Hong Kong, China / 2011 / 107 min.
Director: Johnnie TO

The mundane lives of a female bank clerk, a small time gangster, and a detective are suddenly changed through the theft of a large sum of money with unforseen consequences.... Maestro Johnnie TO presents this masterful ensemble drama in the era of financial crisis. The performances between LAU Ching Wan, Richie REN, Denise HO are exemplary.

The Turin Horse / A torinoi lo

The Turin Horse / A torinoi lo
Hungary, France, Switzerland and Germany / 2011 / 154 min.
Director: TARR Bela

Winner of the Silver Bear (Grand Jury Prize) at the Berlin International Film Festival. The highly anticipated new film by TARR Bela--which also became his last. Themed on an anecdote by NIETCSCHE, the story follows the fate of a man, his daughter, and an aged horse living in an isolated home amid a desolate wasteland. Astoundingly beautiful monochromatic cinematography by Fred KELEMEN, himself an active director.

This is not a film / In Film Nist

This is not a film / In Film Nist
Iran / 2011 / 75 min.
Director: Jafar PANAHI, Mojtaba MIRTAHMASB

Prohibited by the Iranian government to engage in filmmaking activities, Jafar PANAHI ("Offside") shot this film while passing time at home. Though a documentary, the tangible intrusion of subtle directing is worthy of interest. Screened at the Cannes Film Festival, evoking strong reaction.

Monsters Club / Monsters Club

Monsters Club / Monsters Club
Japan / 2011 / 72 min.
Director: TOYODA Toshiaki

A man abandons modern society, living a self-sufficient lifestyle in a snowy mountain cabin as he sends bombs to corporations and television stations. One day, he encounters a strange monster in the forest.... The latest film by "Blue Spring" and "Blood of Rebirth" director TOYODA Toshiaki. A tale of psychological survival and the restoration of humanity bestowed to people living in a constricted modern society.

Cut / Cut

Cut / Cut
Japan / 2011 / 120 min.
Director: Amir NADERI

Iranian master filmmaker Amir NADERI's latest work is a homage to classical films, shot entirely on location in Japan. NISHIJIMA Hidetoshi gives a magnificently powerful performance as a film director who becomes a punching bag for hire to pay off his brother's debt. Selected as the opening film of the Venice Film Festival's Orizzonti section.


Japan / 2011 / 89 min.
Director: HIROKI Ryuichi
c2011 Gambit

A young girl walks alone in Akihabara. Ever since her boyfriend died in a crime that occured in this city, the real world has lost all meaning for her. Before long, she meets a young man living in an underground passage.... A film that delicately depicts the rebirth of the heartbroken heroine. The superbly framed scenic photography is also magnificent.


China / 2011 / 88min.
Director: JIA Zhang-ke, TAN Chui-mui, CHEN Tao, CHEN Zhi-heng, SONG Fang, WANG Zi-zhao, WEI Tie

Omnibus documentary produced by JIA Zhang-ke together with 6 young directors including TAN Chui-mui. Through interviews with a businessman, a social activist, a young Chinese classical opera actor, and others in a variety of fields, the film vibrantly illustrates modern China's traits.


Japan / 2011 / 91min.
Director: TSUKAMOTO Shinya

TSUKAMOTO Shinya returns with his latest work as a producer, screenwriter, cinematographer, and editor. With its lead character inspired and played by singer Cocco, it is a beautiful and energetic depiction of a solitary figure who loves her child but has difficulty adjusting to the world around her, except for when she is singing, and continues to struggle unsuccessfully to maintain a balance between reality and fiction. Winner of the Orizzonti Award at this year's Venice International Film Festival.

People Mountain People Sea / Ren Shan Ren Hai

People Mountain People Sea / Ren Shan Ren Hai
China, Hong Kong / 2011 / 91 min.
Director: CAI Shangjun

The second film by newcomer CAI Shangjun who is gaining notice in China. Inspired by an actual case, the film realistically portrays the lead character as he tenaciously searches for the whereabouts of his brother's escaped killer in order to avenge him. A surprise screening at the Venice International Film Festival, it won the Silver Lion for Best Director.

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