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Special Program (3) Nicholas RAY 1911-2011

A presentation of two films that gained the spotlight from a completely different viewpoint to the popular image as a Hollywood master hit maker of the 1950s in honor of the centennial of Nicholas RAY's birth.

Nicholas RAY Biography

Born Raymond Nicholas KIENZLE Jr. on August 7, 1911 in Wisconsin, USA. Studied architecture under Frank Lloyd WRIGHT and was involved in radical theatre in New York. Gained radio program and propaganda film production experience, then began working at RKO. Directed his first film, "Thieves Like Us," in 1947, though the film was released in 1949. In the 1950s, "Johnny Guitar" (54) and "Rebel Without a Cause" (55) became big box-office hits. "Party Girl" (58) was his final film before leaving Hollywood and relocating to Europe. After suffering a heart attack during the filming of "55 Days at Peking" (63), he retreated from the filmmaking spotlight. Upon assuming the position of lecturer at New York University in 1972, engaged in co-productions with his students. Greatly influenced directors of the Nouvelle Vague and New German Cinema such as Wim WENDERS, Jim JARMUSCH, and Jean-Luc GODDARD among others. In particular, WENDERS and RAY co-directed "Lightning Over Water" in 1978 (released in 1980) in which the appearance of RAY immediately prior to his death is preserved within the film. Other masterpieces include "Bigger Than Life" (56), "Bitter Victory" (57), "Party Girl" (58), etc. Died of lung cancer June 16, 1979. The 2011 Venice International Film Festival celebrated the centennial of his birth with screenings of newly reconstructed, digitally restored versions of "We Can't Go Home Again" and "Don't Expect Too Much."

We Can't Go Home Again

We Can't Go Home Again
USA / 1973-2011 / 93 min.
Dir. Nicholas RAY

Master filmmaker Nicholas RAY produced this film along with his students as part of a study course in his final years. This progressive masterpiece, completely blending dramatic film, documentary, and modern art, remained unscreened for many years and was considered a phantom work. A digitally restored version presented at this year's Venice Film Festival will be screened.

Don't Expect Too Much

Don't Expect Too Much
USA / 2011 / 70 min.
Dir. Susan RAY

A documentary by Nicholas RAY's wife, Susan RAY. A behind-the-scenes look at "We Can't Go Home Again" chronicles at the same time Nicolas RAY's achievements for posterity. Interviews with Jim JARMUSCH, Victor ERICE, among others are invaluable.

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