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TOKYO FILMeX Competition

"Old Dog"Pema Tseden (China / 2011 / 88 min.)
The winning film's director will receive 1,000,000 yen.
This film captures the silence and the atmosphere in the empty place to go into the characters' minds and hearts. The film makes the transition in a very honest way from literature to film. It gives us a chance to experience life in this territory and in these people.

"The Journals of Musan"PARK Jung-bum (South Korea / 2010 / 127min.)
In the difficult situation of standing both in front of and behind the camera, the director accomplished the film with passion. His passion infected the cast and crew resulting in a genuine collaboration. Through the lead character we experience an embodiment of the contemporary complexities of the two Koreas.

We would like to give special mention to the performance of Wang Baoqiang in "Mr. Tree" for its sensitive creation of the character of a man on the fringes of the society.
And finally, the jury wants to express feeling for the people living inside and around the zone of Fukushima, as presented in the documentary "No Man's Zone." For this, we offer a special mention.

"Arirang"(Korea / 2012 / 91min.)

"Tokyo Playboy Club"OKUDA Yosuke (Japan / 2011 / 96 min.)
This film aligns with TOKYO FILMeX's concept of "For the Bright Future of Cinema". The steadfast determination and passion of the director stimulates the audience, and are the greatest contributing factors to this movie's soul. We believe that these elements are precisely what will lead to the cinema of the "future".
Of the numerous films in the running, OKUDA Yosuke's film stood out as possessing a vibe that it was made based on that initial impulse of "I want to shoot a movie!"
It was stimulating to the point we got the tingles!!
Hence, we have selected it for the Student Jury Prize.
We believe movies will become richer if more punk films such as this spread throughout the world.
Student Jury : KOCHI Ryoko, YAMAGUCHI Naoya, KAJI Mutsumi

Good Bye / Be omid e didar

Good Bye / Be omid e didar
Iran / 2011 / 104 min.
Director: Mohammad RASOULOF

The realities of life in present-day Teheran, as seen through the eyes of a female lawyer who tries to leave the country but comes up against various difficulties. Director Mohammad RASOULOF was temporarily detained by Iranian authorities in March last year together with Jafar PANAHI. Screened in the Un Certain Regard section of this year's Cannes Film Festival, winning the Directing Prize.

Flying Fish / Igillena Maluwo

Flying Fish / Igillena Maluwo
Sri Lanka / 2011 / 124 min.
Director: Sanjeewa PUSHPAKUMARA

The directorial debut of Sri Lankan sensation Sanjeewa PUSHPAKUMARA. Three stories unfold in an eastern Sri Lankan village gripped by fear of violence during a time of ethnic civil strife, depicting the scars that war leaves on people. Its arrestingly vivid visual aesthetic and shocking ending are overwhelming.

Old Dog / Khyi Rgan

Old Dog / Khyi Rgan
China / 2011 / 88 min.
Director: Pema Tseden

Urban development continues in Tibet. An old man who owns a breed of dog that sells at high prices to the wealthy opposes his son who attempts to sell the dog. When the dog is sold, the old man forcibly brings it back home.... A film that expresses the present state of Tibet while charactarizing a stubborn old man and his dog. The third film by Tibetan director Pema Tseden.

Mr.Tree / Hello! Shu Xian Sheng

Mr.Tree / Hello! Shu Xian Sheng
China / 2011 / 88 min.
Director: HAN Jie

Long-awaited second film from "Walking on the Wild Side" director, and JIA Zhangke's assistant director, HAN Jie. Popular actor WANG Baoqiang portrays a young man burdened by a difficult past living in an unceasingly developing suburb. Winner of three awards at the Shanghai International film Festival including the Jury Grand Prize and Best Director.

Bachelor Mountain  / 光棍

Bachelor Mountain / 光棍
China / 2011 / 96 min.
Director: YU Guangyi

A documentary from "Survival Song" director YU Guangyi, who returns to Heilongjiang for a third time to capture the lives of its people on film. Its focus is a man in his forties who lives on a snow-laden mountain. He has remained single, but is in love with a woman who works at an inn. However, she fails to reciprocate his feelings for her...

The Journals of Musan / Musanilgi

The Journals of Musan / Musanilgi
South Korea / 2010 / 127 min.
Director: PARK Jung-bum

A film that is garnering attention through superb awards won at Rotterdam, Busan, and various other international film festivals. Authentic portrait of a young man from North Korea facing harsh realities in South Korea. PARK Jung-bum, former assistant director to LEE Chang-dong, makes his directorial debut with this film in which he also plays the main character.

Poongsan / Poongsan

Poongsan / Poongsan
South Korea / 2011 / 121 min.
Director: JUHN Jai-hong

The second directorial effort of JUHN Jai-hong, former assistant director to KIM Ki-duk. Its protagonist, a mysterious man who traverses the North Korean border smuggling contraband, takes on a top-secret mission to help the lover of a high-level defector escape to the south... YOON Kye-sang ("The Executioner") overturns his previous image in a powerful lead performance.

Countdown / Countdown

Countdown / Countdown
South Korea / 2011 / 120 min.
Director: HUH Jong-ho

A well-paced action comedy following the machinations of a debt collector diagnosed with liver cancer and a beautiful female grifter. Much talked about for its pairing of two of South Korea's most accomplished actors, JUNG Jae-young and JEON Do-yeon. The directorial debut of exciting newcomer HUH Jong-ho.

Tokyo Playboy Club / Tokyo Playboy Club

Tokyo Playboy Club / Tokyo Playboy Club
Japan / 2011 / 96 min.
Director: OKUDA Yosuke
c2011 Tokyo Playboy Club

The commercial filmmaking debut of OKUDA Yosuke, director of the highly acclaimed "HOT AS HELL: The Deadbeat March." A comical and violent account of the trouble that befalls a man who ends up at a seedy lounge on the outskirts of Tokyo, with a superb ensemble performance by OMORI Nao, MITSUISHI Ken, and USUDA Asami.

No Man's Zone / Mujinchitai

No Man's Zone / Mujinchitai
Japan, France / 2011 / 102 min.
Director: FUJIWARA Toshifumi

FUJIWARA Toshifumi, director of "Cinema is About Documenting Lives: The Works and Times of Noriaki Tsuchimoto," returns with a new documentary shot in Fukushima after the nuclear power plant accident. Its present situation comes to light through scenes from what were once communities and are now ghost towns after the evacuation of residents, and interviews with people who continue to live nearby.

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