Announcement of the new Director of Programming for TOKYO FILMeX

We are happy to announce that KAMIYA Naoki has been assigned as the new director of programming at the International Film Festival “TOKYO FILMeX”.

Our new director of programming, Mr. KAMIYA, has been a part of TOKYO FILMeX since the very first edition back in 2000. He has supported the festival directors and has participated in the selection process of the films. He left FILMeX briefly in 2019, but has returned as the director of programming.

Naoki Kamiya
◎Comment from KAMIYA Naoki
The conditions around movies are drastically changing and that change has accelerated during the pandemic. However, I still feel that film festival holds a certain role. Roles such as maintaining quality, diversity, and becoming a place of socialization for the film industry and those that love cinema. I believe these are the most important roles. We can imagine many restrictions during the pandemic, but I will continue to search with my colleagues who share my motivations, on what we can do for cinema and what roles should the festival hold.


◎KAMIYA Naoki Profile
Born 1976. Became involved with TOKYO FILMeX from the first edition in 2000 while in graduate school. From the second edition, he selected films and invited guests as the programming staff. He left the festival in October 2019, and joined Kino Films and Kino Cinéma under the Kinoshita Group, where he bought and marketed foreign films. In May 2021, he returned to TOKYO FILMeX as Director of Programming. He has also translated into Japanese over 20 films such as, “Dracula: Pages from a Virgin’s Diary” (Dir. Guy MADDIN), “Delta” (Dir. Kornél MUNDRUCZÓ), “Mekong Hotel” (Dir. Apichatpong WEERASETHAKUL), “Monte” (Dir. Amir NADERI), “The Seen and Unseen” (Dir. Kamila ANDINI), “Your Face” (Dir. TSAI Ming-Liang), and “In Between Dying” (Dir. Hilal BAYDAROV). He has also co-written the book “Kono Eiga wo Mireba Sekai ga Wakaru”.


Unstable times continue under the pandemic, but in order for TOKYO FILMeX to smoothly operate a film festival, we are accepting donations and support. Please consider a monthly donation, starting from 1,000 JPY. You may receive a return of up to 40% via tax exemption by filing a tax return when donating to NPO organization (Example: You will receive 4,000 JPY in return when donating for a year).

We ask for your continued support for TOKYO FILMeX and our new director of programming Mr. KAMIYA.


◎Request for Support (Donations) You may receive benefits such as tax returns when donating to NPO organizations.

◎「22nd TOKYO FILMeX」(Planned Dates: 10/30-11/7, 2021)Calling for competition films(Until 7/31)

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