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TOKYO FILMeX Competition

TOKYO FILMeX 2010 Award --The Jury of the TOKYO FILMeX 2010, consisted of Ulrich GREGOR (chairperson of the jury, Founder of International Forum of New Cinema, Berlinale), Apichatpong WEERASETHAKUL (filmmaker), NING Ying (filmmaker), SHIRATORI Akane (Scriptwriter, Script-supervisor) and LI Cheuk-To (Artistic Director,  Hong Kong International Film Festival), awards the following prizes.

Grand Prize

"Love Addiction" UCHIDA Nobuteru
(Japan / 2010 / 92min. / DVCAM)
The winning film's director will receive 1,000,000 yen.
The Jury awards its Grand Prize to the film "Love Addiction" by Uchida Nobuteru. This film develops a psychological drama through cinematic means to an extraordinary level of dramatic intensity. The use of the camera is especially remarkable just as the play of the actors. The jury also underlines the achievement to make a film of great power of expression with very limited financial means.

Special Jury Prize Kodak VISION Award

"Single Man" HAO Jie
(China / 2010 / 94min. / HD)
The jury awards its Special Jury Prize to the film "Single Man" by Hao Jie, for its organic quality that grew out of the collaboration between the filmmaker and the villagers playing roles close to themselves, as well as its non-judgmental treatment of carnal desire and social problems in the Chinese countryside today.

Audience Awards goes to:

"Peace" SODA Kazuhiro
(Japan, USA / 2010 / 75min. HD)

TOKYO FILMeX Next Masters Best Project 2010

"Ilo Ilo" Anthony CHEN

Special Mention
"IT MUST BE A CAMEL" Charlotte LIM Lay Kuen (Malaysia)

Year without a Summer

Year without a Summer
Iran, Germany / 2010 / 92 min.
Director: Rafi PITTS

Year without a Summer

Year without a Summer
Malaysia / 2010 / 87 min.
Director: TAN Chui Mui

The Stool Pigeon / Sin Yan

The Stool Pigeon / Sin Yan
Hong Kong / 2010 / 112 min.
Director: Dante LAM

Single Man

Single Man
China / 2010 / 94 min.
Director: HAO Jie

Thomas Mao / Xiao Dong Xi

Thomas Mao / Xiao Dong Xi
China / 2010 / 77 min.
Director: ZHU Wen

Bedevilled / Kim-bok-nam Sal-in-sa-eui Jeon-mal

Bedevilled / Kim-bok-nam Sal-in-sa-eui Jeon-mal
South Korea / 2010 / 115 min.
Director: JANG Cheol-Soo

Love Addiction / Fuyu no Kemono

Love Addiction / Fuyu no Kemono
Japan / 2010 / 92 min.
Director: UCHIDA Nobuteru


Japan, USA / 2010 / 75 min.
Director: SODA Kazuhiro

Anti Gas Skin / Bangdokpi

Anti Gas Skin / Bangdokpi
South Korea / 2010 / 123 min.
Directors: KIM Gok and KIM Sun

When Love Comes

When Love Comes
Taiwan / 2010 / 108 min.
Director: CHANG Tso Chi

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