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Special Program (1) Amos GITAI: The Spirit of Exile

Presented by L'Institut Franco-Japonais de Tokyo, Athénée Français Cultural Center and TOKYO FILMeX

Amos GITAI biography

Born in 1950 in Haifa, Israel. Began making 8 mm films independently in 1973 while studying architecture in college. From 1977 onward, made documentaries for ITV, the Israeli state-run television station. In 1982, controversy over his work "Field Diary" caused him to leave Israel and relocate to Paris. "Esther" (85) was GITAI's first feature-length directorial effort. Returned to Israel in 1993. His filmography includes: "Berlin-Jerusalem" (89), "Yom Yom (Day after Day)" (98), "Kippur" (00), "Kedma" (02), "Alila" (03), "Promised Land" (04), "Free Zone" (05), "Disengagement" (07), "One Day You'll Understand" (08), and "Carmel" (09).


Austria, Israel, United Kingdom / 1985 / 97 min.

Berlin - Jerusalem

Berlin - Jerusalem
Israel, The Netherlands, Italy, France, United Kingdom / 1989 / 89 min.

Golem, the Sprit of Exile

Golem, the Sprit of Exile
Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, France, United Kingdom / 1991 / 105 min.

After TOKYO FILMeX 2010 (Nov.20th - Nov. 28th), the films of Amos GITAI will be continuously shown at the theatres below.

Venue: Espace Image, L'Institut Franco-Japonais de Tokyo
Dates: November 30th (Tue.) - December 12th (Sun.)
The program:
Devarim (1995)
Yom Yom (1998)
Kadosh (1999)
Kippur (2000)
Eden (2001)
Kedma (2002)
Alila (2003)
Promised Land (2004)
News from Home / News from House (2005)
Disengagement (2007)
URL: http://www.institut.jp/ja/evenements/10221
Venue: Athenee Francais Cultural Center
Expected dates: late January, 2011 - early February, 2011
Screenings of the documentary films of Amos GITAI
His documentary films and installations from 1970s to present, including some unscreened films in Japan, will be shown. The detailed information of this program will be announced after November on Ath?n?e Fran?ais Cultural Center's official website at http://www.athenee.net/culturalcenter/.

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