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Special Screenings [Details]

Kaidan - Horror Classics / Ayashiki Bungo Kaidan

Japan / 2010
*This program will be presented in collaboration with NHK.

There exists another dimension to the great writers in Japanese literary history. While penning well-known masterpieces, they were also possessed by the darkness of human mind, and conceived fantastic tales of the supernatural. Four of Japan's leading filmmakers take on the challenge of adapting the 'otherworlds' of these literary giants.

The Arm / Kata-ude

Director: OCHIAI Masayuki
The Arm / Kata-ude
43 min.
Director: OCHIAI Masayuki / Based on a novel by KAWABATA Yasunari
"The Arm" begins with a young woman lending her own limb to a man. Surprisingly, it is little-known that Japan's first-ever recipient of the Nobel Prize for Literature, KAWABATA Yasunari, left behind such an avant-garde work with an audacious touch. OCHIAI Masayuki, director of "Parasite Eve" and the Hollywood remake of "Shutter," captures the story's unearthly allure.

The Whistler / Hazakura to Mateki

Director: TSUKAMOTO Shinya
The Whistler / Hazakura to Mateki
35 min.
Director: TSUKAMOTO Shinya / Based on a novel by DAZAI Osamu
The work of DAZAI Osamu has roots in the ghost stories told to him by his grandmother and the view of the supernatural unique to the Aomori region. TSUKAMOTO Shinya, whose "Tetsuo: The Iron Man" and numerous other works have received acclaim at film festivals worldwide, and also counts Martin Scorsese among his fans, delves into DAZAI's uncanny realm.

The Nose / Hana

Director: LEE Sang-il
The Nose / Hana
Director: LEE Sang-il / Based on a novel by AKUTAGAWA Ryunosuke
AKUTAGAWA Ryunosuke's outstanding "Nose" is an adaptation of a tale from the Heian Period story collection "Konjaku Monogatari-shu." LEE Sang-il, who achieved huge success with his "Hula Girls," evokes the terror lurking in the underbelly of this famous work and presents a new take on its story.

The Days After / Nochi no Hi

Director: KORE-EDA Hirokazu
The Days After / Nochi no Hi
49 min.
Director: KORE-EDA Hirokazu / Based on a novel by MURO Saisei
"Home is where you reminisce when you are far away..." So begins the famous poem by MURO Saisei, whose tales of the supernatural have an abundantly unique sensibility. KORE-EDA Hirokazu, whose works have won many awards around the world including at the Cannes Film Festival, adapts this tale of a sorrowful communion between parents and their child who returns from the dead.

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