Call for Entries. Now Open!

Call for Entries. Now Open!

Deadline for Submissions
Special Screenings: June 30, 2018
Competition: July 31, 2018

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TOKYO FILMeX 2017Awards

The Jury of the TOKYO FILMeX 2017 competition, consisted of HARA Kazuo (The Chairperson of the Jury: Japan / Film Director), KUNIZANE Mizue (Japan / Producer), Ellen Y.D. KIM (Korea / Festival Programmer, Producer), Milena GREGOR (Germany / Artistic Director of Arsenal) and Clarence TSUI (Hong Kong / Film Critic), awards the following prizes.

TOKYO FILMeX 2017Awards

Grand Prize

“Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts”
Mouly SURYA (Indonesia, France, Malaysia, Thailand / 2017 / 95 min.)

The winning film’s director will receive 750,000 yen.

The heroine fights in the macaroni western music.
Her enemy is men.
The male society.
Now is the time for revenge.
Let us stop behaving like pitiful raped women.
Women themselves need to start creating new images of women.
A tougher, stronger figure, physically and mentally.
The strong message is conveyed through the entertainment style action film.
A vivid and delightful piece of work that has given birth to a fighting heroine.

“The Seen and Unseen”
Kamila ANDINI (Indonesia, Netherlands, Australia, Qatar / 2017 / 86 min.)

The winning film’s director will receive 750,000 yen.

The sister and brother born in this world as twins.
They received birth at the same time
but the brother faces death
the sister lives on.
The twins are forced to seperate.
The outrageousness of life.
Before the final farewell, the sister invites the brother for a dance,
as if to adore life on earth.
Tradition and contemporary
Reality and fantasy
Light and shadow
Day and night
Past memories and the instant present
All mixed together forms the paradise on earth.
A masterpiece that is novel but full of nostalgia.

Audience Award

“Sennan Asbestos Disaster” HARA Kazuo(Japan / 2017 / 215 min.)

Student Jury Prize

“The Night I Swam” Damien MANIVEL, IGARASHI Kohei (Japan, France / 2017 / 79 min.)

Many films try to depict the loneliness and family in a more complicated way, on the other hand, the way of showing the film simple in “The Night I Swam” made it possible to deliver the message directly from only one night kid’s explore.
That style was full of hope and we envied it as same filmmakers.
Takara reminds us of the sense in childhood we should have kept but forgot.
The pure sense make us realise how even 20 years old people like us tried to show ourselves bigger than real with the sense of the shame.
At the same time, a small boy Takara taught us that the feeling was also the proof of growing up.

Student Jury : SHIGAYA Daisuke, FUKUDA Mei, SUZUKI Yuriko

Talents Tokyo Award 2017

“I wish I could HIBERNATE” Zoljargal Purevdash (Mongolia)
The winning project’s participant will receive 300,000 yen.

Special Mention

“Doi Boy” Supatcha Thipsena (Thailand)

Talents Tokyo 2017 Main Experts: Pen-ek RATANARUANG (Director), Cedomir KOLAR (Producer), Frédéric CORVEZ (World Sales), Christine TRÖSTRUM (Programme Manager of Berlinale Talents)

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11/25 『見えるもの、見えざるもの』 Q&A
TOHOシネマズ日劇 スクリーン3


市山 尚三(東京フィルメックス プログラム・ディレクター)
新居 由香(通訳)

インドネシア、オランダ、オーストラリア、カタール / 2017 / 86分
監督:カミラ・アンディニ(Kamila ANDINI)

The Seen and Unseen
Indonesia,Netherlands,Australia,Qatar / 2017 / 86min.
Director: Kamila ANDINI

11/25 『見えるもの、見えざるもの』 Q&A

TOKYO FILMeX 2017 Line Up Announced

The opening film for the festival will be “Love Education” by Sylvia CHANG, and the closing film will be “24 Frames” by Abbas KIAROSTAMI. Extraordinary new films from spirited filmmakers on the cutting edge of cinema such as HARA Kazuo, SONO Sion and WANG Bing will be presented. In FILMeX Classics, masterpieces of film history and films thought to be long lost will be screened after digital remastering. In the competition section, we will present 9 new films by the best emerging filmmakers in Asia. Special program will focus on Jacques TOURNER.

The film festival will be held on Nov. 18 (Sat) ~ Nov. 26 (Sun) at Yurakucho Asahi Hall and Toho Cinemas Nichigeki.