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The Night I Swam

Japan, France / 2017 / 79 min. / Director: IGARASHI Kohei, Damian MANIVEL

A fishmonger in snowbound Aomori leaves for the local fish market in darkness. The noise he makes awakens his six-year-old son, who tries to go back to sleep, but cannot. He has drawn a picture for his father, so in order to deliver it to him at his store, the boy strays from his usual route to school. So begins his little adventure... Up-and-coming filmmakers Damien MANIVEL and IGARASHI Kohei first met at the Locarno International Film Festival in 2014, where their respective works “A Young Poet” and “Hold Your Breath Like a Lover” were screened. Three years later, “The Night I Swam,” their first co-directed project, was born. Although its story takes place over the course of only one day, it took a whole month and a half to shoot. Received its world premiere in the Venice International Film Festival’s Orizzonti section.

Director: IGARASHI Kohei, Damian MANIVEL

11/19 『泳ぎすぎた夜』Q&A


11/19 『泳ぎすぎた夜』 Q&A

五十嵐 耕平(映画監督)

林 加奈子(東京フィルメックス ディレクター)


日本 / 2017 / 79分
監督:五十嵐 耕平、ダミアン・マニヴェル(IGARASHI Kohei, Damien MANIVEL)

The Night I Swam
Japan / 2017 / 79min.
Director: IGARASHI Kohei,Damien MANIVEL

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