TOKYO FILMeX Competition films

The Seen and Unseen

Indonesia, Nederland, Australia, Qatar / 2017 / 86 min. / Director: Kamila ANDINI

10-year-old Tantri is staring death in the face. Her twin brother Tantra has a brain disorder that confines him to a hospital bed, and she knows he will not live much longer. Every night, Tantri’s emotions are set free when Tantra appears before her as his old self, and the siblings dance in the moonlight... This fantastic vision was created by Kamila ANDINI, the daughter of prominent Indonesia filmmaker Garin NUGROHO, and inspired by a Balinese legend. A mythical world where reality and illusions mix is revealed within gorgeous visuals. Its music is supplied by sound designer MORINAGA Yasuhiro, who continues to collaborate with directors from Southeast Asia. Screened in the Toronto International Film Festival’s Platform section.

Director: Kamila ANDINI
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11月25日(日)、TOHOシネマズ日劇3でコンペティション作品の『見えるもの、見えざるもの』がレイトショー上映された。本作は、バリ島を舞台に、生と死に向き合う双子の姉と弟の結びつきを描いた幻想的な物語。上映後にはカミラ・アンディニ監督が登場し、質疑応答が行われた。質疑応答を前に、司会の市山尚三東京フィルメックスプログラム・ディレクターから、直前に行われた授賞式で本作が『殺人者マルリナ』(モーリー・スリヤ監督)と共に最優秀作品賞を受賞したことが報告され、会場から大きな拍手が寄せられた。 (more…)