KATO Tai’s last documentary work “The Ondekoza” Digitally Remastered, Triumphant Screening at TOKYO FILMeX in November.


“The Ondekoza” is the last and extraordinary documentary of KATO Tai (1916-1985), who would have turned 100 in 2016. This film, which has been considered unobtainable because of its lack of public screening, is about the young people of “Ondekoza”, a group that continues to play the Japanese drums in Sadogashima. The film took two year to make and when it was finished, the director said, “This is the first film ever where I was able to do everything as I thought.”

The film which has revived as a Digital Remastered version after 35 years from completion, was screened at Venice Classics of 73rd Venice International Film Festival held between Aug. 31 ~ Sept. 10. And the film will make a triumphant return to Japan with the screening held at TOKYO FILMex International Film Festival held from Nov. 19.

With “Tai Kato Restrospective at his Centenary” held at The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo (until Sept. 4), do not miss the chance to watch “The Ondekoza”, a film with a growing hype of returning acclamation.

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