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The 10th “Eiga no Jikan” (Movie Time)
Rediscovering Japan – Japanese Films with English Subtitles
“Good Morning” by OZU Yasujiro


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Travel back in time to old Japan!
Let’s enjoy a movie in English and Japanese!

Date/Time:    February 2nd (Tue), 2016    4:00pm-6:15pm
Open To:      Elementary, junior high, and high school students, their parents and caregivers, and everyone else!
  (Priority will be given to students from international schools, and public and private schools.)

Entry:        Free
Venue:        Showa Women’s University, Green Hall (1-7-57 Taishido, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo)
7 minutes walk from Sangenjaya Station, Tokyu Denentoshi Line
1 minute walk from Showa Joshidai bus stop (bus leaves from Shibuya Station)

Event Program:
1:        Film screening
2:        Talk from guest speaker
3:        Mini-game for participants

Attendance Limits:
1 & 2:    600 participants (no applications necessary, entry granted on first-come basis)
3:        50 participants (applications must be made in advance for parents and children, entries will close when attendance limit is reached)

To apply to participate in the mini-game, please fill in the online form at the link below.

3:30pm      Reception opens
4:00pm   Event begins, opening greeting, film introduction
4:05pm    ”Good Morning” screening
            (94 mins, Japanese dialogue with English subtitles)
5:40pm      Discussion about the film (15 mins)
5:55pm    Screening event wrap-up
6:00pm   Screening event ends, mini-game participants remain
6:05pm   Mini-game (10 mins)
6:15pm    Event ends  
            *Followed by optional explanation of 16mm film projector

Films are like time machines that can take us on journeys beyond time and national borders.
This screening, featuring a classic Japanese film with English subtitles, is an event that Japanese and foreigners of all ages can enjoy.
What’s more, in our simple mini-game, you can have a fun time trying to speak without using words!

About the Film

お早よう004S(C) Shochiku Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

“Good Morning”
(1958 / Dir. Ozu Yasujiro / 94 mins / Japanese dialogue with English subtitles / 16mm film)

Cast: Sada Keiji, Kuga Yoshiko, Ryu Chishu, Miyake Kuniko, Sugimura Haruko, Shitara Koji, Shimazu Masahiko, Izumi Kyoko, Takahashi Toyo, Sawamura Sadako, Tono Eijiro
Screenplay: Noda Kogo & Ozu Yasujiro
Cinematography: Atsuta Yuharu
Production Designer: Hamada Tatsuo
Music: Mayuzumi Toshiro

In an ordinary neighborhood in Tokyo, two things are very popular with local kids: a farting game, and television. They all look forward to gathering together after school at a friend’s house to watch sumo wrestling matches, instead of doing their homework.
Two brothers, Minoru and Isamu, ask their father to buy them a television set too, but he says no. The boys decide to go on a “silence strike,” in which they don’t speak to anyone at home, in their neighborhood, or at school. Before long, they run away from home, and make everyone else worry about them. Eventually, they return home, but what is waiting for them there?
See what it was like to be a kid in Japan in the Showa period!


Guest Speaker Profile


Don Brown
Japanese film translator. Born in New Zealand. Moved to Japan in 1999, and worked at the Kawachinagano City Office in Osaka and the New Zealand Embassy in Tokyo before becoming a freelance film translator in 2010. Creator of English subtitles for many Japanese films, including Ozu’s “Late Spring” and “Early Summer,” Yamada Yoji’s “The Little House” and “Nagasaki: Memories of My Son,” “Neko Samurai – A Tropical Adventure,” and “Tokyo Tribe.” Also translates scripts for films in development, as well as handling catalog translation plus MC-ing and interpreting duties for film festivals in Japan. Writes “One Take on Japanese Cinema,” a twice-monthly column for the Asahi Shimbun’s English language website AJW.

Let’s explore the world of Japanese film with Don, in English and Japanese!

What is “Eiga no Jikan”?
“Eiga no Jikan” is a film workshop for children, organized by international film festival TOKYO FILMeX since 2008. See the festival website for reports on the nine previous workshops, which have included short film production and programs to enhance children’s enjoyment of watching films.

TOKYO FILMeX (Staff member in charge: Okazaki)
3F, Trade Akasaka Bldg 5-4-14 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052
Tel: 03-3560-6394
Email: eiganojikan@filmex.jp

Presented by: TOKYO FILMeX
Co-Presented by: The British School in Tokyo
Supported by: National Institution For Youth Education
Nominal Support: Setagaya City Board of Education, Shibuya City Board of Education
Cooperation: The Japan Foundation, Shochiku Co., Ltd.

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