The Apartment with Two Women/TOKYO FILMeX Competition

The Apartment with Two Women

South Korea / 2021 / 140 min
Director:KIM Se-in

Su-kyung lives in a small apartment with Yi-jung, her daughter in her twenties. The oppressive and cruel way Su-kyung treats her daughter clearly appears to be over the top, but even the patient Yi-jung is unable to hide her accumulated resentment toward her mother. One day, during a fight in the parking lot, things get even worse when Su-kyung gets in her car and hits Yi-jung unprotected. Su-kyung insists it was an accident, but Yi-jung is furious and decides to take the matter to court... The film premiered and won the New Currents Award at the Busan International Film Festival in October 2021 and has since been introduced at many international film festivals, including Berlin. This is the surprising feature film debut of director KIM Se-in. At first glance, the film appears to be a story of abuse, but as the story progresses, it gradually becomes clear that the intimate relationship between these two women, which is never desirable, encompasses much more than the word codependence can capture. The attention to detail and the direction of letting the images speak for themselves at the right moment are also superb.

Director KIM Se-in

Born in Incheon on June 23, 1992, she directed short films SUBMARINE SICKNESS (2014), HAMSTER (2016), PLAYING WITH FIRE (2018), and CONTAINER (2018). THE APARTMENT WITH TWO WOMEN is her feature film debut.

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