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Special Screenings

Monsters Club / Monsters Club
Japan / 2011 / 72 min.
Director: TOYODA Toshiaki
The protagonist is Ryoichi, a man who abandons modern society, living a self-sufficient lifestyle in a snowy mountain cabin as he sends bombs to corporations and television stations. His only contact with actual society is his sister, Mikana, who occasionally visits the cabin. One day, Ryoichi encounters a strange "monster" in the forest. From then on, the "monster" and supposedly deceased members of his family visit the cabin almost nightly. On the night after dispatching his final bomb to the Prime Minister, Ryoichi is called on by his older brother who committed suicide. He is led by his brother to a dark doorway, and learns of the truth his family has been concealing.... The latest film by TOYODA Toshiaki was inspired by the manifesto of Theodore KACZYNSKI, an actual bomber in the US known as the Unabomber. The film shrewdly questions the meaning of living in a constricted modern society while employing a fantastical setup. Eita's committed portrayal of the protagonist's complex character amid the difficult filming on the snowy mountain is superb. The character designs by energetic artist "Pyu-piru" is also fascinating. Screened at the Toronto International Film Festival.

TOYODA Toshiaki

Born in 1969 in Osaka. Practiced Japanese chess at the training sessions of the Japan Shogi Association from age 9 to 17. Based on his experience during that period, he made his film industry debut in 1991 as the screenwriter of SAKAMOTO Junji's "Checkmate." Made directorial debut with 1998's "Pornostar" which earned him the Directors Guild of Japan's New Directors Award. In 2001, his feature length documentary following the lives of 4 boxers, "Unchain," was screened at Toronto, Vancouver, Hong Kong, and other film festivals around the world. Afterward, the release of his live-action adaptation of MATSUMOTO Taiyo's popular comic "Blue Spring" was an exceptional hit in arthouse theaters. In 2003, he directed "9 Souls" about 9 fugitives, continuing the theme of men struggling through pain in his works. Directed "Hanging Garden" in 2005 based on the Naoki Award winning work by KAKUTA Mitsuyo and starring KOIZUMI Kyoko. Directed "Blood of Rebirth" in 2009.

from ブロードキャスト 2011/11/24


豊田 利晃(監督)
林 加奈子(東京フィルメックスディレクター)
藤岡 朝子(通訳)
Monsters Club / Monsters Club
Japan / 2011 / 72 min.
Director: TOYODA Toshiaki

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