TOKYO FILMeX Competition

Bipolar ★

China / 2021 / 110min
Director:Queena LI

A young woman arrives in the Tibetan capital of Lhasa without much of an idea why she’s there. Whatever her vague plans may be, things take a sharp turn after she comes across a lobster at the hotel restaurant. She learns that the apparently holy creature can only thrive in the illumination of a lighthouse on a distant island far out at sea. She purchases a taxi driver’s vehicle and sets out on the long journey to Ming Island to return it to its habitat...
Following dream logic, director Queena LI’s feature debut is permeated with peculiar symbolism and a constant sense of precariousness while eschewing audience expectations. However, through the protagonist’s various encounters, she gradually embraces the notion of living in the moment, wherever it may take place, and perhaps it doesn’t take viewers very long to become in sync with her. Singer-songwriter Leah DOU shines in the role of the girl, and also contributed to the soundtrack. Screened in the Tiger Competition at the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2021.

Director:Queena LI




アロカ・コー (撮影)

神谷 直希(東京フィルメックス プログラム・ディレクター)
樋口 裕子(通訳)

中国 / 2021 / 110分
監督:クィーナ・リー ( Queena LI )

China / 2021 / 110min
Director:Queena LI

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