Made in Japan

Dawning on Us

Japan / 2021 / 135 min
Director:YAMAUCHI Kenji

The COVID-19 pandemic is finally subsiding in Japan. Sara and her husband Kosuke have lived together with Kosuke's parents which has ruined their sex life over the long period of self-isolation at home. Kosuke is having an affair, and Sara knows about it. And just around the time Sara is reinstated at the job she left, Kosuke is transferred to Kobe. Meanwhile, Sara's mother-in-law who deeply longs for a grandchild takes this opportunity to further badger Sara.... This is the fourth feature film by YAMAUCHI Kenji who has no rivals in Japan when it comes to creating an uncomfortable mood like involuntarily laughing at an inappropriate place or time. YAMAUCHI's stance of cutting into the intended theme without setting up a buffer zone remains intact, and that will likely rattle the audience's values and way of thinking through the subject matter that is straightforward and comes to grips with the core theme.

Director:YAMAUCHI Kenji



有楽町朝日ホール スクエア

山内 ケンジ(監督)
鄭 亜美(俳優)
岩谷 健司(俳優)
野上 信子(プロデューサー)

神谷 直希(東京フィルメックス プログラム・ディレクター)

日本 / 2021 / 135分
監督:山内ケンジ( YAMAUCHI Kenji )

Japan / 2021 / 135 min
Director:YAMAUCHI Kenji

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