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The World of You

Japan / 2021 / 89 min
Director:SHIOTA Akihiko

High school student Yuki suffers from a chronic disease and has lost hope for living. One day she has a life-changing encounter with Aki, her destructive classmate with a beautiful singing voice. Together they decide to form a band with Yusuke who secretly has feelings for Yuki.... Director SHIOTA Akihiko did not mean to make a similar music drama like his previous film "Farewell Song" (19). Just as "I Just Wanna Hug" (14) meticulously avoided the tropes of so-called "fatal illness" films yet ultimately accomplished to impress the audience, this film proceeds to betray all the stereotypes and audience expectations of how a normal music film would develop. Furthermore, a girl confronting the world confining her is reminiscent of a portion of "Harmful Insect" (02). Lead actresses SHINTANI Yuzumi and HIDAKA Marin give outstanding performances of an original script which was written with them in mind.

Director:SHIOTA Akihiko




塩田 明彦(監督)
窪塚 愛流(俳優)

神谷 直希(東京フィルメックス プログラム・ディレクター)

日本 / 2021 / 89分
監督:塩田明彦( SHIOTA Akihiko )

Japan / 2021 / 89 min
Director:SHIOTA Akihiko

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