Made in Japan

Ring Wandering

Japan / 2021 / 103 min
Director:KANEKO Masakazu

Sosuke is an aspiring, young Manga artist. He is currently working on a story about a solitary hunter’s battle with a Japanese wolf but is struggling to draw a believable wolf figure and feels blocked. One day he discovers the skull of an animal on a construction site where he works his day job. Intrigued by the find he decides to investigate further and one night he sneaks onto the site and meets a mysterious girl.... Set in one of the older traditional areas of Tokyo that is being redeveloped, the film mixes memories with the present day in a magic realist story. Transformed by his fateful encounter, Sosuke learns the weight of history and a new respect for life, and pours his heart and soul into the completion of the Manga. The film had its world premiere in the International Competition of the Warsaw Film Festival.

Director:KANEKO Masakazu
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有楽町朝日ホール スクエア

金子 雅和(監督)
笠松 将(俳優)
部谷 京子(美術)

神谷 直希(東京フィルメックス プログラム・ディレクター)

日本 / 2021 / 103分
監督:金子雅和( KANEKO Masakazu )

Japan / 2021 / 103 min
Director:KANEKO Masakazu

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