TOKYO FILMeX Competition films

Immortals in the Village

China / 2017 / 109 min. / Director: YU Guangyi

YU Guangyi, who has steadfastly detailed the lifestyles of people residing in Northeastern China’s mountainous regions, directs this documentary following the daily life of shamans in a poor village for over four years. When villagers become ill, shamans beat drums and go into a singing and dancing trance, becoming mouthpieces for spirits who relay ways of treating the people’s ailments. This documentary’s main focus is Xu, who worked as a teacher and factory accountant when he was young, and became a shaman in middle age. The film vividly evokes the mysterious way of life of the nearly 70-year-old Xu, his family, and other shamans. In addition, it is a chronicle of a time when people lived in close contact with the spirit world, as well as a culture that will soon disappear.

Director: YU Guangyi

11/21 『シャーマンの村』 Q&A


11/21 『シャーマンの村』 Q&A


林 加奈子(東京フィルメックス ディレクター)
樋口 裕子(通訳)


中国 / 2017 / 109分
監督:ユー・グァンイー(YU Guangyi)

Immortals in the Village / 跳大神
China / 2017 / 109min.
Director: YU Guangyi