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Dark is the Night

The Philippines / 2017 / 107 min. / Director: Adolfo ALIX Jr.

The film begins with the shocking scene of an unarmed man being abruptly shot dead by police. Similar to others living in many slum districts, middle-aged housewife, Sarah, is involved in drug dealing. When she withdraws from the drug business in an attempt to start a proper job, her drug addict son goes missing. Together with her husband, Sarah goes in search for her son.... The Philippines has been violently swept up in President DUTERTE's radical war on narcotics which is said to have claimed the lives of several thousand suspected drug dealers who, without trial, have been killed on the streets. Adolfo ALIX Jr.'s latest film straightforwardly protests his country's current situation which has provoked a significant commotion internationally as well. It is a tour de force closely resembling the socially aware films of master filmmaker, Lino BROCKA. It screened at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Director: Adolfo ALIX Jr.



11/26 『暗きは夜』 Q&A


林 加奈子(東京フィルメックス ディレクター)
新居 由香(通訳)

フィリピン / 2017 / 107分
監督:アドルフォ・アリックスJr(Adolfo ALIX Jr.)

Dark is the Night
The Philippines / 2017 / 107min.
Director: Adolfo ALIX Jr.




11月26日(日)、有楽町朝日ホールにてコンペティション作品『暗きは夜』が上映された。Q&Aに登壇したアドルフォ・アリックスJr.監督は、「今、フィリピンで起こっている麻薬撲滅戦争を扱った数少ない作品の一つだと思います」と本作を紹介。麻薬取引に関わっていた家族の視点で描いた、社会派の映画だ。 (more…)