TOKYO FILMeX Competition films

The Conformist

China / 2017 / 126 min. / Director: CAI Shang jun

40-year-old Haibo ekes out a meager living by tipping off local police in a town in Northeast China. After unintentionally acquiring a gun, he devises a plan to rob an illegal casino. However, someone else has the same idea and attacks the casino before him, committing murder in the process. Fearing that he will be made a suspect, Haibo flees across the Sino-Russian border to Khabarovsk. He meets a mysterious Chinese woman named Bingbing and becomes romantically involved with her, but this only leads him down an even more treacherous path... A film noir directed by CAI Shangjun (“People Mountain People Sea”) and featuring popular star HUANG Bo in the lead role, for which he was awarded Best Actor at the Shanghai International Film Festival. Its exquisite cinematography is provided by YU Lik-wai, known for his work with JIA Zhang-ke.

Director: CAI Shang jun



11/20 『氷の下』 Q&A


市山 尚三(東京フィルメックス プログラム・ディレクター)
樋口 裕子(通訳)

中国 / 2017 / 126分
監督:ツァイ・シャンジュン(CAI Shangjun)

The Conformist / 氷之下
China / 2017 / 126min.
Director: CAI Shangjun




11月21日(火)有楽町朝日ホールにてコンペティション作品『氷の下』が上映され、ツァイ・シャンジュン監督がQ&Aに登壇した。ツァイ監督は第12回東京フィルメックスにて特別招待作品として『人山人海』(2011)が上映されて以来2度目の参加。本作は今年の上海国際映画祭で上映され、主演のホァン・ボーさんが男優賞を受賞した。Q&A冒頭に、ツァイ監督は「私の映画を観に来てくださった観客の皆さんに心からお礼申し上げます」と挨拶した。 (more…)