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Japan / 2017 / 142 min. / Director: SONO Sion

After celebrating her 22nd birthday with friends at a Shinjuku pub, Manami stumbles into a mind-boggling massacre. She emerges as the sole survivor, and is persistently followed by a mysterious woman who calls herself K, as well as a man who goes by the name Yamada. K belongs to the Dracula clan, while Yamada is a member of the enemy Corvins. Both are vampires, and it just so happens that Manami was destined to be chosen as the Dracula clan’s savior. Eventually, she is captured by Yamada and imprisoned in a structure built by the Corvins for a specific purpose, known as the Tokyo Vampire Hotel... A feature version of a drama series produced for streaming on Amazon Prime, this grotesque masterwork unleashes extravagant violence within colorfully production design. Don’t miss ADACHI Yumi’s extraordinary performance.

Director: SONO Sion
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『東京ヴァンパイアホテル 映画版』園子温監督Q&A


11月23日(木)、有楽町朝日ホールで特別招待作品の『東京ヴァンパイアホテル 映画版』が上映された。本作は、東京にあるホテル・レクイエムを舞台に、ヴァンパイア同士の生き残りを賭けた壮絶な戦いを描いた血まみれのハードバイオレンス。amazonプライムの配信用に制作された連続ドラマを劇場用に再編集した作品だ。上映後には園子温監督に加えて、サプライズゲストとして出演者の満島真之介さん、冨手麻妙さんが登壇。客席からの質問に答えてくれた。