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Love Education

China, Taiwan / 2017 / 120 min. / Director: Sylvia CHANG

Hui Ying cares for her mother until she passes away, then attempts to relocate her father’s countryside grave so that her mother can share it with him. However, her father’s childless first wife Nana lives in the same rural village where the grave is located and vehemently opposes moving it, which sends the village into an uproar. Hui Ying’s daughter Weiwei works in television, and decides to cover the two womens’ dispute on her own program. However, Weiwei has a problem of her own, involving a tricky situation with her lover... Revered actress Sylvia CHANG directs and stars in this drama set in contemporary China about three generations of women. Its casting of master filmmaker TIAN Zhuang-zhuang (“The Blue Kite”) in the role of the protagonist’s husband is one of its many charms. Screened as the closing film of the Busan International Film Festival.

Director: Sylvia CHANG

11/18 『相愛相親』 Q&A


11/18 『相愛相親』 Q&A
TOHOシネマズ 日劇


林 加奈子(東京フィルメックス ディレクター)
大倉 美子(通訳)


中国、台湾 / 2017 / 120分
監督:シルヴィア・チャン(Sylvia CHANG)

Love Education
China,Taiwan / 2017 / 120 min.
Director: Sylvia CHANG