TOKYO FILMeX Competition films

Dragonfly Eyes

China / 2017 / 82 min. / Director: XU Bing

Qing Ting, a young woman who has been training to become a nun, decides to return to the secular world. She leaves her temple, and finds a job. Meanwhile, Ke Fan, a young man who loves Qing Ting one-sidedly, embarks on a search for her but is unable to pinpoint her whereabouts. Gradually, he becomes convinced that an online chatroom celebrity named Xiao Xiao is actually Qing Ting... The directorial debut of leading Chinese modern artist XU Bing had a rather startling origin: its shots were selected from massive amounts of surveillance camera footage, edited together to form a single narrative. Its editor is Matthieu LACLAU, who also worked on JIA Zhang-ke’s latest production. HANNO Yoshihiro’s electronic music is also superb.

Director: XU Bing
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