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Missing Johnny

Taiwan / 2017 / 105 min. / Director: HUANG Xi

Zi-qi, a young woman who moved to Taipei, is receiving numerous wrong number phone calls for a man named Johnny. She gradually takes an interest in who this Johnny person could be. Zi-qi also has begun to keep a parakeet, but it goes missing. This causes the lives of Zi-qi, her landlord's son, Li, and Yi-feng, the workman under the employ of the landlord, to cross paths. Consequently, Zi-qi's past is slowly revealed... A tapestry of human relationships is depicted against the backdrop of Taiwan's nostalgic residential district which still remain today. This is the directorial debut of HUANG Xi, who served as HOU Hsiao-hsien's assistant. The attractiveness of Rima ZEIDAN, who plays the heroine, is worthy of note. The film was screened at the Taipei Film Festival where it won four awards including Best Screenplay.

Director: HUANG Xi

11/22 『ジョニーは行方不明』 Q&A


11/22 『ジョニーは行方不明』 Q&A


市山 尚三(東京フィルメックス プログラム・ディレクター)
樋口 裕子(通訳)


台湾 / 2017 / 105分
監督:ホァン・シー(HUANG Xi)

Missing Johnny / 強尼・凱克
Taiwan / 2017 / 105min.
Director: HUANG Xi

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