Special Screenings

Angels Wear White

China / 2017 / 107 min. / Director: Vivian QU

In a small seaside town in the south of China, Mia works nights at a motel’s reception desk. She witnesses a middle-aged male customer rent a room with two young girls, and later learns that they were sexually abused. The police begin an investigation, but the motel’s owner fears getting dragged into it, and asks Mia to testify that she saw nothing. However, she needs money to extract herself from her current predicament, and embarks on a certain course of action... This intricately-woven drama involving several different women unfolds in a resort area that boasts a massive statue of Marilyn MONROE. Vivian QU, an experienced producer of many independent Chinese masterworks, gives full rein to her rare talent as a director. Screened in competition at the Venice International Film Festival.

Director: Vivian QU



11月20日(月)、有楽町朝日ホールで特別招待作品の『天使は白をまとう』が上映された。本作は、海辺のリゾート地で起きた少女に対する性的暴行事件を発端に、女性たちを取り巻く様々な問題を描いたドラマ。上映後にはヴィヴィアン・チュウ監督が登壇し、Q&Aが行なわれた。 (more…)